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Whos starting their August TTC cycle?

Lets all network on our August month together!! :) AF is leaving town for me (prob today) Im CD5....what day are you???
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Hey! I'm on CD6 and I hope this is our cycle! Hopefully we will get some more people on her. :o) SSBD!!!
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Hi ladies I had my cycle late July so I'm on CD16 I really do hope this is our month :) SSBD!!! X]
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Hi all, im on cd14 got my fingers crossed for us all :) SSBD xx
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My last AF was 7/27/10 so I am 3dpo!! Sticky Baby Dust to all!
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I am sorta unofficially ttc, last cycle was 7/22 so I am on cd22 (i think) so it either happened or didn't this month, I'll know soon.  Crossing my fingers, cuz we're only "trying" August and September (2 cycles).
SSBD to all!!
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Freds_Baby: We will cycle this month together since our cycles are soooo close!!! :)
Pepsi & Deila23: Have you ovulated yet?
Linzola  SSBD!!
Jenkaye21- are you temping?
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I think I did I'm doing everything natural lol I really do hope this is all of our month but today I went to the bathroom and I had some brown discharge... And idk if it could be implantation or a very short cycle I hope its not AF but well will see...
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Deila, are you taking your temps? Its pretty neat to see you pre-o and after o line...AND you can tell if your potentially prego :) I have a chart if you want to look at it...(look at last months to get the full picture) i havent started this months yet, as AF just left :)
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I'm thinking about taking my temps. Can I take it with a regular mouth thermometer? And idk if I can look at it from my phone cus this is how I get on lol today I'm still having blood discharge... It was pink at 8:30 and now its a bit brown... I really hope its implantation :)
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Yep, use a "digital thermometer" that shows the tenth degree after the decimal..96.4 etc...
you can also chart your temps on fertility friend too...i use it as well...this is my chart

could be inplantation!! eek!! :)   +++++ hope it is!
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Ricki128: im using opk's and according to the test im just about to ovulate, the test line was alot darker than the control line today, im just abit worried as im cd16 today and only have a 28 day cycle is the Luteal Phase  too short or is it ok? i dont really understand it.
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Okay I will have to buy one today and I have a fertility friend too but I just have the basic and I only used it for my AF and BD :) but I will start with the BBT next month if AF shows. I really do hope I'm pregnant :) and I hope I'm having implantation :) every time I go to the bathroom I wipe and have like a light pink/brown discharge. I do hope this is our month ladies :) thanks Ricki  
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Pepsi...I wouldnt worry too much (are you cycles pretty much RIGHT ON every month? Like you get AF EVERY 28 days or around 28-32 etc?) They say 10 days in your luteal phase is sufficient...but your AF could come a little late this month pushing back your ovulation date too....I ovulate around day 18-23...are you charting? Im going to go to your page now and look at it...

Deila23- good luck..keep us posted!
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My Luteal phase was only 9 days. I read that if you take B-6 it helps make your luteal phase longer. I took it last cycle and my luteal phase was 11 days. I'm also taking it this cycle so hopefully it will help and I will get my BFP.
SSBD to you all!!! ٭~٭♥~٭٭♥~٭♥~~٭♥~٭♥
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Ricki128 im going to start charting my temps next month if i dont get preg this month. Yea i am bang on every 28 days.

Freds_Baby thanks i will give that a go.

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Jenkaye, have you tested yet? :)
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Well guys I'm so confused! Today I was bleeding a little more so I'm guessing its my AF(CD18) its just so weird because my last period (which was very light/spotting) started on july 28th-30th and I had brown discharge from july 31- aug 2nd. And I have 28-30 cycle. I have been bleeding/spotting for 3 days now no cramps or anything. Should I still test on the 25th when AF was due? Every one keep posting :)
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Sounds like your body is trying to start again? If you started your af on the 28th, today would be the 20th day ....you could technically start testing the end of this week, but do you have any other symptoms? Sore bbs's, nausea anything like that?

Have you ever had this happen before with mid cycle spotting?
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Not this early ever and my boobs do hurt but when I press on them and the earliest I have had AF was on CD23 which was the month of May. So this is the earliest I have started my AF(if it is AF) and right now my right side has light cramps... If its not my month well I have the next one to try for my first baby :) SSBD
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hey guys sorry im late but only just seen this post, my cyles are really long im on CD31 ive ben trying since may came off pill which i was on for seven years, but over last couple of days ive been feeling dizzy but it feels weird, eating heaps, and yesterday i had really itchy nipples strange i no, so glad there are other trying hope everyone get there wish.
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Well I'm waiting to ovulate and today I have an appointment with my OBGYN. We will see what she tells me. I know she is going to wonder why we didn't BD on the day I ovulated last month but i'm sure she will understand why. I will keep you posted!
SSBD!! ٭~٭♥~٭٭♥~٭♥~~٭♥~
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It might be AF? My bb's do that to when Im about to start...itch really bad :( do you use opk's or temp during your cycle?

Freds_baby....let us know how appt went!! :)
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Well since I ovulated and I missed the days she didn't give me any medication. She wants me to try again. She said if i'm not prego by December then she will give me some medication. I'm going to try and BD everyday even if i work late and too sleepy. I want this to my our month! SSBD!
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Hello, I guess ill join this group.... =) AF has officially left yesterday..... =) im so excited to start this month! We've been (not exactly trying) but not protecting against it..... We do want a baby..... But with a two yr old, and both our jobs it gets a little hectic.... hopefully this is our month, as it hasnt been "our" month since begining of this yr.... baby dust to all.
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