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Why do I keep getting pregnant?

My bf and I don't use condoms since he's allergic to latex and an ingredient in lubricant. I'm not on b/c though cuz he never cums inside when we have sex. In fact he never seems to cum at all, which would normally be kind of a relief for me since I would never have to worry about cum getting inside me which should normally reduce the chance of pregnancy greatly, but I've had to abort one pregnancy already since December of this past year. We started having sex and by February I realized I had not gotten my period the month earlier, and so after taking the pill and waiting a couple days for me to feel fine me and my bf started doing it again. Only a couple days ago though I realized I hadn't gotten my period at all in March, so I'm like what's going on?? Should I take another abortion pill so soon after taking the previous one which I only took two months ago? How do I know I won't have to take one again in another 2 months? My bf is a really sweet guy and I love him a lot but I'd like to know this for my own personal health.
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Also, if you took a morning-after pill in February and your period has still not come, rather than take another morning-after pill, take a pregnancy test. As already said, the morning-after pill is not entirely infallible.
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One other thing. You say in your initial post that you realized your period didn't come in February so you took another pill, and you call it an "abortion pill." I should have noticed this earlier, that you wrote it like you think that the pill will make a pregnancy go away. But morning-after pills are not able to remove a pregnancy. They just make the uterus unlikely to allow a fertilized egg to implant. Once it is implanted, you are pregnant and no amount of massive hormone doses will remove it. They are only good for the first two days after the sex that a woman thinks might have possibly produced a fertilized egg: once you notice a period is AWOL it's way too late to take the pill. If you haven't had a period since February, or since March, most definitely take a pregnancy test, and not more morning-after pills.
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Here's some lube without hydroxyethyl cellulose - https://goodcleanlove.com/products/almost-naked-organic-personal-lubricant?variant=8276930166826&currency=USD&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIi5O4-eHv6AIVk4nICh1tOwXbEAQYASABEgKcnPD_BwE

You didn't answer about the latex - if he can handle balloons or doctors can use latex gloves with him. If he can, you can get non-lubricated latex condoms and use the above lube.

If you can't use those condoms, and you can't use any hormonal contraception, and continue to have unprotected sex, you are going to continue to get pregnant.

The abortion pill is hormonal, though. Is that not making you sick?
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I mean I can't use hormonal contraception I forgot to mention that. It makes me sick and not eat sometimes. He's allergic to hydrogyethylcellulose and I'm pretty sure polyurethane has that as well so those are out of the question.
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You ask why you keep getting pregnant, you keep getting pregnant because you have unprotected sex. Whether your boyfriend ejaculates is immaterial, as noted above you can get pregnant from sperm in his pre-ejaculatory fluid. And unfortunately, you're not even fully protected by the morning-after pill, the odds of it failing are something like 1 in 8.

It's unusual that birth-control pills make you sick but morning-after pills, with their super-high hormone doses, don't. You might discuss this with your doctor and try a different brand or formulation of bcp's, or just get an IUD. Morning-after pills used this often can harm you in the long run. They're intended for use perhaps only once in a few years, not on the regular.

Please keep in mind that a lot of guys use the "allergic to latex" line simply because they don't like to wear condoms. There are condoms made of natural skin that can be used if a person is genuinely allergic to latex. You don't have to say yes to unprotected sex.

Good luck, take care of yourself, your boyfriend might be sweet but it doesn't sound like he cares about the risks you are taking just so he can have sex without wearing a condom.
I agree with everything Annie says here.
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Have you considered getting on birth control? Taking emergency contraception should be reserved for emergencies.  It would probably be safer and more economical in the long-run to get on standard birth control.  Also, it would help relieve some of the worry and constant thinking about whether you are or are not pregnant.
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Are you taking the pills without knowing for sure if you're pregnant? You should take a test first before you start messing with your hormones.

Are you sure your boyfriend is allergic to latex? Can a doctor use latex gloves with him? Can he touch balloons? There are polyurethane condoms that he can use, and there are many of those readily available at most places you can buy condoms. Lubes today are pretty non-irritating.


What ingredient is he allergic to in lubricant?

He may not be ejaculating in you, but pre-cum has sperm in it, and not using birth control or condoms means that you can get pregnant even if he pulls out.

If you all respect and love one another, and yourselves, you'll sit down and have a serious conversation about birth control. If he's sweet and loves you, he won't want you to continue to go through this, and will try some non-latex condoms.

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