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Wife preg with twins..dr told us to do the AMNIO

My wife and I are very good. we did 2 blood tests with the dr to find out if our twins are doing find. the end result is one baby has 1 in 116 and the other is 1 in 500. We are very scared and nervous and the dr told us if we want to be sure that the amnio test is accurate to see if the babies are doing fine. She is scheduled to have a markers test done in mid may. Now does we wait for the markers test. or would the amnio be more accurate to check for anything thats wrong with the babies.

we are both very scared and what are the risks of doing any amnio on both babies?
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The amnio's usually aren't as accurate in twins and neither are the triple marker tests with twins....at least that's what my OB told us....so we did the triple marker and not the amnio....and it showed ok but they say none of the tests are real accurate with twins.

congrats on your twins do you know if they are boys or girls or both?

My twins are due Aug 24 and we're having a boy and a girl
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the dr is saying that amnio is the only way to find out that if the babies have down syndrome. no we dont know yet what they are. we are very nervous. she is 4months and both tests she done came back with a ratio of at risk..do all pregnant women take these tests and are given this ratio?

we are nervous about the side effects of the amnio as well
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i'm not really sure they didn't give me a ratio they just told me the triple marker test was ok...he told us we could do the amnio but there's nothing you can do even if it shows pos......so we just plan on waiting to know 100% til they are born...but he said the amnio really isn't necessary unless you are just really really concerned but I think most babies show a small risk.....even on the triple......but the triple marker diagnosis is made by the level of HCG in you blood to tell if there is a risk of downs.....but with twins your HCG level is higher than normal anyways.....so I just figured if the triple marker was ok no need for anymore testing.
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The amnio in my opinion is just to dangerous
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I get my 1st trimester screening the 13th and thats all I plan on doing even if something bad comes back...I dont see any need in doing the amnio like she said theres nothing you can do if its bad news, I have a cousin and a sister with downs and there is alot more help now than there use to be, my sister only has features she really doesnt have any mental problems because of it, a little slow but thats it
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well if it comes back that the baby has downs the dr said that we still have time to do the termination of the babies is this correct. shes going on 4 months. see our dr gaves us a ratio because the blood test came back higher than usual i guess and the dr wants to do an amnio to make sure and then a week later we are doing the markers test to make sure that everything is ok...does this makes sense

since the dr gave us a ratio what does that mean?
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