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Will wearing a tampon off and on for week before positive pregnancy test cause a miscarriage??

In October of 2008 my husband and I experienced our first miscarriage at 9 weeks. Baby was not viable. I just found out today that Im pregnant again. A week ago I experienced some spotting off and on and im guessing its implination b/c it was around 7dpo and I had the same with the last pregnancy. Well I thought it was my period b/c Ive been having irregular cycles for the past few months now....so I have been using a regular size tampon off and on for a week thinking i'd start at any moment. Im now concerned that me wearing a tampon for the past week will increase my risk for a miscarriage or growth problems of my growing baby!?!? I am currently not spotting only cramping off and on and not using tampons. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you :0)
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dont worry about what you did before you found out hun. it will drive you crazy...you should be fine. i wore one too before i found out because i thought i was gonna start...nope never did and im 23 weeks so no miscarriage here. :) you should be perfectly fine...congratulations!!!!
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aww....thank you soooo much! few I really dont wanna stress out or be nervous but its hard after what happened last time. I also have another question I took two pregnancy test (two different brands) yesterday both positive then I took one lastnight when I woke up and I think it was defective it said negative but there was no control on the test, Now i am curious as to am I pregnant???  My husband and I ahve decided to wait until i am 8 weeks to make an appointment with the docotors so this is why i have so many questions. Last time i had like four ultrasounds and it was just a stressful situation I wanna relax as much as i can with this one if I am???
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heya!if there was no line in the the control window then the test didnt work so any result would be wrong!if u r still worried u can take another one to be sure but two positives to me sounds like great news!lol!i know how ur feeling tho!me n and my husband were very worried with our 1st and my husband even asked me to take another test a couple of months in to check i was still pregnant!bless him!and with this pregnancy iv taken about 8 tests or more over the past 4 weeks to keep checking as im worried again!lol!i dont have a history of mc just me being silly!good luck and hope everything goes well
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So I just took another test and its a bright blue POSITIVE! so excited today. I feel more confident about the results now that I have three +'s. Haha whatever keeps us calm right??? I got like three hours of sleep lastnight contimplating if i was pregnant or not. pretty sad. I have two more tests so within the next four weeks that im waiting to see the doctor im gunna take them...haha. I do chart and my temps. continue to rise so Im feeling good thus far. I have been having af cramps this week but no spotting I spotted the week before (implination) im guessing since it has happend with both pregnancies at the same time. I spotted VERY lighly a couple days ago but none since so....cross my fingers this little one is healthy. thank you again!
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yay!the things we put ourselves thru hey?lol!iv had cramps for the past couple of weeks but none of them are worse than period pains so thats all normal and as far as i know spotting is perfectly normal!all sounds good so far so good luck and hope all goes well!lol! x
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I dont know what to think right now????I have been cramping on and off but some are just a crampy sensation and i have a couple a day that are a little painful but nothing i need advil for. Lastnight after sorry tmi, but going # 2 hehe....I wiped and noticed like brownish marroon from what i can remember on the toilet paper. It wasnt bright red or clots nothing. After that i fell asleep and nothing more. Today being the day after all i did was spotting a tiny tiny bit on my panty liner. it was a tan color. Im not sure if this is an impending miscarriage or just something like implination??? Kinda concerned but still wanna wait to go to the doctors until i start bleeding red or my 8th week. I figure id be bale to see something then. Last time i was pregnant i had four u/s before 8 weeks b/c it was too early to tell. so i dont wanna go through that emotional rollercoaster all over again. Any adives would be greatly appreciated!!!
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