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Woman told to abort what turned out to be a healthy baby.

British Woman Upset by Abortion Offer After Hospital's Wrong Miscarriage Diagnosis

by Steven Ertelt
LifeNews.com Editor
February 12, 2008

London, England (LifeNews.com) -- A British woman is upset after a hospital offered her drugs to cause an abortion after she learned it wrongly informed her that the baby would eventually die in a miscarriage. The woman says officials compounded her grief about the supposed death of her unborn child with its offer to kill her baby, who is due in June.

Catherine Kent and her partner Kevin Gray were both devastated when officials at Sunderland Royal Hospital told the couple their baby would die.

Sunderland staff offered Kent an abortion drug to make the length of the miscarriage shorten but she chose to let the baby die naturally and refused the pills.

Further tests a month later confirmed the diagnosis was erroneous and Kent was still pregnant with a healthy child.

"What if I had taken the tablets they offered me?" Kent told the London Daily Mail newspaper.

"They could have left my baby severely disabled, or it could have died," she said. "They could've aborted my baby while it was alive."

"How can the hospital make a mistake like that? How many other people have taken the tablets or had an abortion when their baby was alive all the time?" the newspaper reported her saying.

Kent told the Daily Mail her baby is due in June but she says she's worried the trauma she faced may cause problems and she and her partner have been unable to make preparations for the little girl's arrival.

"I still haven't bought anything for the baby. I can't rest until she's here and I know she's 100 percent fine," she said.

The couple sent Sunderland officials a complaint last month but have yet to hear back.

"We are looking into the complaint and will be responding to her concerns as soon as our investigation is completed," a spokesman told the paper.
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Oh damn. Yeah, I'd be super pissed. Glad she didn't take those pills!
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She was eight weeks along when they told her.

It would be hard to make that decision because of infection that could be caused IF the baby had died.  It is a TUFF decision I am sure, I am just glad that she decided to hold off.  

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Thanks for sharring BabyHardiman, I hope this will give other ladies in her situation the courage to hold out. Dr.s, DO make mistakes and some are life changing.
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Yes, you are right, especially that early in pregnancy.
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This happens a LOT! That's why it is important for people to get a second opinion.
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yea, my mother in law was telling me when she had my brother in law the whole time the doc told her she had lost it. she wouldnt let them do nothing, she was bleeding bad and passing tissue and all. doc told her everytime she seen her to let him take it. he was suppose to be dead. he turned out fine and the only thing she could think of was it was a twin she was having the m/c with. if she would have done what the doc wanted he wouldnt be here now
363110 tn?1340920419
wow! Thats why I think that if a doctor tells a woman she is miscarrying that she should wait it out, cause so many dr's are so quick to schedule a D&C.

That is unless they know theres a SEVERE genetic problem. and I'm not talking about skin disorders, or cerebral palsey or stuff like that.
I know I'd wait. (i'm 9 1/2 weeks)

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It makes me think about ALL those women who come on here and the Maternal forum and ask about hearbeats not being detected at their first u/s.  When it could just be that they o'd late!  

You are right Cindie there are ALOT of Dr's who are too quick to want to do D&C.
305005 tn?1358728290
thats so true. read this site if yall wanna see more  misdiagnosed m/c
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Thank you Cindy!
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oh my gosh..that is horrible.. that is why women should not be so quick to listen to the doc's like you all said.. let nature take it's course.. what is meant to be will happen...

on my 3rd preg doc told me my triple test came back positive.. wanted me to do an amniocentesis.. i told him right away.. no thank you.. those things are wrong sometimes and you know what.. i don't care if something is "wrong" with my baby... there may be a reason for it that i am just not aware of ... and i would love it NO MATTER WHAT! =)  
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PS... my baby was born 7 lbs 3 oz.. PERFECT little baby girl!  
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martikadragoon, you're totally right! I try to let women know they should wait it out and not elect a D&C. Always tell them to get a followup ultrasound in 2 weeks or more if no miscarrying happens. Usually it turns out the baby is fine!!!
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My ex boyfriends mom actually had this happen to her!  She was told that the baby had no brain and she would not be able to keep her much longer!  They gave her a decision to abort, allow the baby to die inside her and then go through labor there was a 0% chance this baby would make it.  She and her husband thought about it and decided to go through with having the baby now rather than later so they put her into labor.  When the baby was born she was perfectly healthy but died shortly after because she did not have fully developed lungs.  
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Judy, she is one of the most precious babies I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!! I have to bookmark it and look at it more intently later because it is making DH's game lag.
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that happen to my grandmother about 50 years ago or so. she went to the dr and he thought it was in her tubes . gave her a shot to abort. another dr she saw later that day said the baby was fine but it was too late. she had 12 kids 3 miscarriages .
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what happened to the post, it is gone now, grrrrrrrrrr
305005 tn?1358728290
i noticed that to, so weird???!!!
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Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... wasn't me!
320773 tn?1202772488
it happened again, so I guess it was including the website? How retarded
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OMG!!!  I would be sooo devastated!!  How far along was she?

Your story brought tears to my eyes :(  
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Congrats on your beautiful lil girl!  I think those tests are just totally WRONG to perform on a developing baby.. to determine if you want to abort or not.  Our blood tests came back fine, but I told my Fiance' that I would NOT have the amnio even if the doctor recommended it.  I would NEVER consider aborting my baby... anyone who wants to call me selfish may do so, that is their opinion.

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I wanted to share this story with my sister, but I didn't have the heart.  She just went through an induced miscarriage without a second opinion.  I should have pushed her to wait.  
202436 tn?1326474333
Ya know this situation here is why I'm against aborting a child even if tests show severe abnormalities.  Tests can be WRONG.  I would much rather hold out and let God's plan unfold naturally...the way he intends it.  There are no certainties even with so called science.  Way too many mistakes are made.  
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