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I hope no one takes offense to this...but I just wanted to share some of the feelings I've been having most recently.
As most of you know I just got Married this past July and started TTC right away. Got Pregnant Sept 5th and M/C Nov 23rd. We've always wanted a baby like yesterday and decided to keep on trying.

The thing is...after my M/C when I started getting back on my feet with my emotions and everything else...I started going back to the gym, getting real healthy..going back out with friends, enjoying my wine and coffee etc...and I think to myself how much I love what I'm able to do now and how hard I've worked for my body (don't wanna brag but I'm in great shape) and I just love how I look and act right now. But on the other hand I definitely want to get Pregnant and have a little baby and I know it is 100% worth not drinking or going out or not working out...but sometimes my mind is so torn.
Does anyone ever feel that way?? I want to be Pregnant so badly...but I also want to keep my bod, ya know? It's so hard to explain...does anyone understand?
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I feel that way right now! I got on the scale yesterday and had lost another lb and was so excited I didn't know what to do! I could definitely benefit from losing more, so I'm doing BOTH.

Exercise in early, early pregnancy is fine. So I figure until I KNOW, what's the harm in losing some weight.

Once I know, I obviously cannot do that.
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I understand as well!  As someone who is ttc, I'm constantly wondering about my body and what it will do to it.  Ever since the New Year, I've had NO motivation to keep up my low cal diet, because in my head, I want to be pregnant soon, so I figure what's the point of watching my weight now! (I'm at a perfectly healthy weight now btw)  I guess for me, I don't want to be consumed with the want to have a child.  I still want to enjoy my friends and going out, but I know starting a family with my husband is truly what I want right now.  
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I'm just really torn! I can't afford to loose any weight because I'm already so tiny...but I am really nicely toned and would love to keep my body looking like it does now! I mean obviously I'm going to continue working out until I know for sure but it's just weird..I think being Pregnant and gaining that baby weight is soo beautiful and I can't wait for that! But at the same time, I love my bod and I love being the hot hockey wife! hehe.
When I was Pregnant before...I thought to myself well I'm Pregnant who cares if I put on a lil weight! And so I ate...and ate...and ate for 13 weeks and didn't put on a pound! Now I'm more aware of what I'm putting into my body and want to maintain a healthy diet when I'm Pregnant...so it's just weird for me to want somethign so badly but than have something else be in the back of my mind. I'm definitely enjoying my lifestyle now..but I know I want a baby.
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Well, they say the better you are in shape before a pregnancy, the quicker you'll lose the weight afterwards, so you'll be fine. :-D
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I totally understand what your going through. I just lost my pegnancy weight from my 2 yr old son and now I am pregnant again with twins lol. I think having babies is a huge compromise(sp) of almost everything we do. It limits certain foods, exercises, drinks, and so forth, and on top of giving up a lot pf things you enjoy, you gain weight. If your having mixed emotions right now, I suggest not getting pregnant because of the chances of severe depression. I used to have an amazing body and was nicely toned and athletic due to working with horses, but I had gotten pregnant at 17 yrs old with my first child, and the only good thing that came out of being big was a larger arse lol.

I would rather have the body that I have now with my children than not have children at all. There are millions of women out there not able to concieve and be happily willing to give up their size 3 pair of jeans and so forth lol. All it really amounts to is your prioraties.

It sounds like you think life would just end or come to a complete stop because your having a baby, and that isnt the case, it merely just gets put on hold for 9 months. Once baby is born wether you decide to breast feed or not, you can go back to enjoying the occasional liquor with friends and family, and enjoy early morning runs or workouts, infact most gyms have a daycare for moms and dads who have memberships.

I have had a total of and going on 5 kids now being pregnant with twins. I have never went over 120 pounds, and have always been able to get my body back to normal. People ask how I do it, and my answer is staying positive, the more positive you are the smoother things will turn out.

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Thanks so much for that long response! But I think you misunderstood me...I would TOTALLY give up my bod to be Pregnant! Believe me...thats not it. I just juggle the thought of how long I've worked and how healthy I've been to look like this thats all. It's just always on my mind and I love the way I look but I would in a heart beat give it up to be Pregnant..hell I was already Pregnant so thats not the issue. I'm not a big drinker or partyer anymore (since I got Married) so in no way would my life end of be over if I had to give up all these things...it would just be different thats all. And for someone whose never been more than 13 weeks Pregnant, that will be new to me, thats all.
I know for a fact that I would loose the baby weight ASAP and my priorities are my family not my body...I just wanted to share some of my most recent thoughts. I'm not having doubts about anything and LOL would definitely not be depressed...I was just simply sharing the idea that I love the way I look and how different it will be when I'm Pregnant.
There are times when I have thought...could I give this all up and my answer, HELL YEA! :) I'm sorry you mis understood...I was just trying to see if anone felt the same way I did at one point. But I would give up anything to have a baby...I just happen to love my body! hehe
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Im sorry to have misunderstood you, I hope you didnt take any offense to it, if you did im very sorry. From the way you just explained it lol, I do know what your going through. I remember with my other kids how different it was to go from skinny to big and after a while I felt so good with being big, that once I had my baby it was quite awkward being thin again lol. Im going through it again lmao. I have only ever had 1 baby at a time, and twins scare the hell out of me. Im not exactly like I was when I was 17 but, I am just getting to where I am finally happy with how I look, and now im going to be big again, except I will be twice as big as usual.

The only thing I look forward to with my body changes would have to be bigger boobs lol. You can never go wrong with those lol.
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Ohh it's okay! Nope you didn't offend me at all, I just wanted to make sure you understood what I was talkin about :)
It's definitely going to be a change for me, but I welcome it!!
And twins??? WOW, Congrats!! That's great!!

I've just always been thin, so I know it's going to feel weird but I cannot wait to be Pregnant, I'm really excited...even just thinking about it! I'm afraid of the boobs, I already have HUGE Mangos!! LOL I would like a bigger butt though :)
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lol, as my hubby always says TNA the bigger the better! lol

I wishyou luck with ttc!

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LOL, better for him! My back is already killin me!

Thanks! Enjoy the rest of your Pregnancy!
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