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Wonderful night.

Ok, the last four months of my marriage has been crap. Well, tonight my husband said the last 2 years have been a waste &  he doesnt love me and only stayed around for our four year old. Then preceeded to tell me that theres no way the baby is his. I am so hurt & pissed i seriously never wanna see him again. Im 33 weeks + 5 days. & im glad he is gone but now so scared that i will be alone when i have lil man. I have friends & family around but most of them ive pushed away cuz they didnt like him or he didnt like them. Im just stressed to the max. Plus on top of everything, his mom was sittinf there putting me down & saying im a bad mom and how i shouldnt have had this baby & all this other stuff. Saying i neglect my daughter cuz im a "work-aholic" & blah blah blah.
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Plus, since weve been together, he has never had to pay any bills. Any money he made was "play money" cuz i am a freak about everything &  wanted to make sure i could pay everything in my own. Well, i got put on maternity leave early cuz of goung into labor 3 times already. Havent been working sice 9/1. And since then we moved in with my dad cyz he cannot affird rent, sold a car to pay bills and a month behind on cell,phone cuz he thought it was more important to go on vacation for 4 days with his mom to jamacia
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sounds like you are better off without him.
and about being alone during labor because you pushed all your friends and family away, if they're really your good friends, they'll still love you and be there for you if you need them. and your family should be no different.
it sounds like he needs to get his priorities straight if he even wants another shot at being with you.
that's just my opinion. sorry this is happening so close to your due date. /:
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You are way better off without him! And trust me the family you've pushed away will be there to help you out no matter what! Just remember to put your head up and smile cause you deserve better and you will get better :)
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For your sake i'm glad he is gone, but i'm sorry you have to deal with the heart ache as i'm sure you loved him. Best of luck to you and your children!
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I know im doing the right thing but its just so hard to hear ya know? He has been my everything for about 10 yrs. Since about this time age 14. I always thought we were so good together. I guess looking back he nnever really was good for me it was just that he was first. I heard  ur first love is hardest... I hope so cuz this *****
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Yes it'll be hard because he might come back crying when he realize what he lost. Just be  strong get around people who love you and will be there with you.
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Thanks so much guys. I have literally never been single so that is really scaring me right now. But it also makes me really angry he changed his fb status & since then, ive had 9 of his "friends" say something about  hooking up/dating them. Wth?
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You are working.. Paying for ur own expenses... Handling your kids without his help... Fullfiling there needs.. You are already alone... I wouldnt let my dh sleep on my money n wouldnt do nything for kids..  just think abt it... I know hving a person arnd you love means world.. Evn if it means thy r ripping u off n not evn thankful... Girl u are already sorted... You would be scared more if u had no job no house or anything to keep u going... As other ladies said its time for a change... You should not let urself  n ur kids get disrespected by such man or his family...
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Wow. Speechless! All I can say is stay strong and pray to GOD.
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