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Working while pregnant

I'm almost six weeks pregnant. I wanted to know is ok to work. I work as a waitress so I'm on my feet 8 to 9 hours out of the day. will this stress or hurt my baby? also I've been feeling extremely tired and I can't ever sleep at night, any advice?
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Many women work up until they are 8 months pregnant,  just don't overdo it, you will be perfectly fine
Congrats on the baby news! !
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I'm 36 weeks and still working! Also on my feet a lot and just met a waitress who was going to stop working at 38 weeks! Unless your doctor specifies otherwise or you have problems with your pregnancy, it's usually fine to work until labor! Just listen to your body (:
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And for sleep, try tea, warm milk, a bath or anything to relax you before bed!
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I work a full time job as a shift manager at a restaurant. It's hard and tiring  but as long as your eating and drinking plenty of water. ( and as long as your doctor says your okay) you should be perfectly fine. Take breaks when you feel the need. And stay hydrated are my 2 pieces of advice(:
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You'll get better tips when you're pregnant :) as long as you are healthy and feel okay working I say keep at it,  as you get bigger though it'll be harder to keep your feet from swelling and your tummy from knocking into things.  
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I worked until 39 weeks 2 days last day being on a Tuesday and had my daughter the next day
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Im 26 weeks and had to stop because over my iron being so low i may have to have a blood transfusion if it gets any lower to which has been freaking me out cuz i take iron supplements and eat well. N also make me very sick, weak, and a number of other things. I think just listen to your body n youll know when its time to take it easy if it becomes to hard on you
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I'm almost six weeks and waitress too!! Except I'm a bartender too and I have to change kegs and setup bar and put down chairs. Personally I'm going to be putting in my two weeks notice soon just because I'm so unhappy at my job and I don't like when I have to tend bar by myself for an hour or two every day, and do heavy lifting like I mention. Also we have a bleach bucket under sink which I refuse to fill or touch. I'm sure as long as you're not forced to do heavy lifting like and be around toxic chemicals like I am you'll be perfectly fine. I have a coworker who doesn't seem to care and sits down and eats and never lets me have the chance to do the same, never asks if I have to maybe use the restroom before he leaves for an hour to go to the bank... Which it shouldn't take anywhere near that long!! I know he stops at home every day. Must be nice. Sorry for venting... Sooo fed up with that job... We split tips too which is total crap. But my dear as long as you're not like me you'll be fine :) I'm going to get a call service job very soon
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I work at McDonald's and am on my feet most of the day and my doctors knows also I'm a Diabetic an so my pregnancy is high risk but long as your doctor feels that you are ok and not over doing yourself you will be fine. Just no heavy lifting and stay away from chemicals
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Almost 25 weeks and still working part time as a cashier. It does get harder to do the same amount of work as you did before you got pregnant but remember to get plenty of rest off the clock and put your feet up. Like others are saying drink lots of water, it helps a lot even if you find yourself going to the bathroom more often.
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