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Worried about Pregnacy, Morning After Pill...HELP anyone?

I had unprotected sex about 3am on 5/22/11. There was no ejaculation and my partner was not in the whole way and only for about 2-3 thrusts until I freaked out...I am worried about precum...especially because I am right in the middle of my cycle...and was set to ovulate 5/24/11 or 5/25/11 (due to ovulation test). I started to freak out bc I didn't realize it was around that time...and my periods are very irregular bc I am no longer on a regular birth control bc I had horrible side effects from any normal birth control I would take. I took the first Next Choice pill about 56 hrs after unprotected sex after realizing how close to ovulation I was...and then since I didn't want to wait (in case I forgot), I took the second pill about 3 hrs later. If I sex on Sunday morning...and ovulated Tuesday or Wednesday, but took both Next Choice within the 72 hrs...can I still be pregnant?
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From the sound of things, I doubt that you will get pregnant from this encounter.
Emergency contraceptives work by delaying ovulation, so it is pretty likely that your cycle will be affected by the medication and your period may be delayed.
In most cases, testing for pregnancy is recommended if the period is delayed by more than a week
Don't forget about condoms too!
Good luck!
Dr B
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