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Would these be pregnancy signs/ symptoms?

I know people ask these questions all the time and I'm sure everyone is so sick being asked the same thing over and over but it's different when it's happening to you LOL. Here are my questions:

I am 2-3 days late for AF. My LMP was on Sept. 1st and the August cycle was 27-28 days (normal for me.)
This is the first month DH and I have TTC. I am "pretty sure" I ovulated right around the 14th. On the 20th, I had cramping and twinges on and off all day long but only on my left side.

1) Could this of been implantation cramping? I have had no spotting or bleeding whatsoever.

I took a FRER test on the 26th (3-4 days before AF was due- 12 dpo) and got a BFN.

2) If that was implantation on the 20th- would the pregnancy test show up BFN 6 days later? I have no clue how long it takes HCG to register.

3) Each month right before I start AF I break out with acne and it happened again this month, but still no AF. Did anyone have AF signs (acne, bloating, etc.) and still be pregnant?

I have NEVER been late for AF before and I will be testing with FMU if she doesn't show up today. I am just curious about how long implantation takes and if it could of been to early for me to test (12 dpo) with a FRER.

Sorry for all the questions. This will be our 1st child and it's our 1st month trying so I'm new to all of this = )

Thank you!
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That is ok we all have questions! 6 days is a little too early and for hcg to register. Implantation takes 5-12 days and then usually another 3 days after that for it to pass in your urine. So if implantation takes place on day 6 then the earliest you will see it is at day 9 and that is usually the earliest that anyone ever sees it on pregnancy test. If you are late for your period then it is possible that you could get a positive but it could also take a few more days!!!!! Good luck!
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Thank you! Ok well I tested on 12 dpo so is that the same as testing on "day 12?" Meaning if day 9 is the earliest than I should of had an accurate result by day 12?

Not knowing is the worst part! I am driving myself crazy with all these questions in my head!

When implantation happens, is it normal to be crampy on one side? I am just really nervous that the cramping I felt was me O'd later and that would stink because I didn't BD during that time.
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im sorry for butting in but i also had pain on my left side only and dont know what it is. 5 days late.
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Have you tested yet?
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Yes it is very possible that implantation causes cramps. And depending on when implantation happens (day 5-12) then you would possibly get a positive pregnancy test (dpo 9-15 or even 16) so dpo 12 may not be reliable. I would wait for 3 more days and then test again. :) Good luck to both of you and I hope that we all get our sticky babys this month!
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First response can be used up to 5 days before a missed period,it detects low HCG.however its always best to test day period is late.will say just because you had the symptoms of ovulation,it doesnt always mean you did infact O that day.somtimes the egg can struggle and isnt released till later.this could explain why no period as of yet.or indeed if you are pregnant and ovulated later,you will need few more days.you also dont feel implantation.same as you dont always bleed,this is not common at all.considering this is your first month trying,that would be brilliant if you concieved first shot.we all have 25% each month of concieveing,best bet is to start charting this will help pin point exactly your most fertile time.i suggest wait few more days test again.good luck.
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