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You cannot have your period while you are pregnant.

I've heard a lot of people insist that they know someone or that they had their period while they were pregnant. It isn't possible its just bleeding but not a real "period". I found the article that I had read about pregnancy and AF and I thought that I would share it with people so that we pass on correct information.

"Many women report having their period while pregnant, but typically this is not the case. The reason why this cannot be is that pregnancy and menstruation cannot take place at the same time, by the very definition of the two. If you were pregnant and you began menstruating you would inevitably lose the pregnancy, or have a miscarriage. While you cannot have your period and continue to be pregnant at the same time you can experience vaginal bleeding and continue to be pregnant. It is often this vaginal bleeding that women believe is their menstrual cycle when it is not.

Early pregnancy bleeding is not at all uncommon and many women report that they do bleed regularly during the early portion of their pregnancies. This is not at all a menstrual cycle though; it is usually referred to as early pregnancy bleeding. This bleeding is usually is due to hormonal changes and is not of the quantities of blood that a woman typically sees when having her normal menstrual period. Early pregnancy bleeding can vary in amounts from slight spotting to vaginal bleeding consistent with a menstrual cycle.

Another reason for bleeding during pregnancy is something called implantation bleeding. This bleeding usually takes place when the embryo is attaching to the wall of the uterus. This type of bleeding is ordinarily seen five days after conception, so it is easy to see why a woman would confuse this bleeding with her menstrual cycle and there may be some difficulty in determining when the last menstrual period was. Implantation bleeding is not all that common and usually is not more than a slight spotting or a pinkish red colored mucus, but occasionally there is more bleeding associated with it.

Getting pregnant while on the pill is often associated with bleeding during pregnancy that can be confused with a menstrual cycle. Many women who are on the pill have several bleeding episodes before they realize that something is not quite right. In cases like this a woman usually cannot accurately tell her doctor when her last real menstrual cycle was and an ultrasound is required to provide the mother and the doctor with an estimated due date.

There are many reasons, as stated above, that a woman can experience vaginal bleeding while pregnant but it is impossible to have a true period and remain pregnant at the same time. The problem is that much of the bleeding that women experience coincides with the same time that they usually see their menstrual cycle each month, so they naturally assume that it is their period. Luckily, the majority of women do not experience this type of bleeding."
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I agree. Thanks for clearing that up though. I know that I have stated that I know women who have bled durng their pregnancy, but not that they had their period. It would be impossible, like you stated. Good info though!
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I don't know period or not. I have a three year old son. I had a full out looked like a period with him with clots. I had it right on time. Went to the hospital week later for pains in belly because i got car accident. Everything was fine but they told me I was six week pregnant I said I had my period last week real period I had clots they said happends sometimes. And checked the baby and was fine.
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JoyRenee - Maybe your bleeding was really just that. . . early pregnancy bleeding. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it was. :-D
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Had it as well.  Right on time.  For three months with first son.  He turned 25 last week.  I always had a very heavy period growing up.  These periods were the same.  Like you say, Alaysha, they may not technically be called periods, but when you have 5 - 7 days of change a pad every 2 hours bleeding with clots exactly 28 days apart for 3 months, I dont think it is just early pregnancy bleeding as that would seemingly be sporadic.  I think the hormonal thing in the article is what caught my eye.  Maybe your body is just used to shedding at that time and keeps doing so, yet the fetus is implanted tightly and does not wash away.  I dunno, but I had it.  Personally.  Me.  And I am old.  And I did NOT have it with #2.  Well, the first month or 2 but it was less, although on time.  

Just another opinion....  
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Yeah my sister is going through it right now! pretty much just like grammy64 said.
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my aunt had her period through all 4 of her pregnancies. clots, blood, a normal period. she had it the same time every month as before she was pregnant. not every woman has the same pregnancy. so unless the doctors in the article have tracked every single woman on the face of the earth.....i'm going to believe my aunt and her doctors about her periods.
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