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Zantac during pregnancy

Is it harmful in pregnancy? I had to take a maximum strength one yesterday because I had horrible acid reflux ( I didn't even eat anything that would cause it to happen like that) It was so bad, I couldn't find a comfortable position to sit in or lay down in, I had trouble breathing, the acid just kept coming up my throat and burned and drinking water just made it worse and I got really nauseous as well. Is it okay to take one when I need it? Can it cause any issues? Is it bad to take it everyday IF I had to? Thankfully so far today I've been okay.
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it can stop bone growth in the baby and decrease your bone growth, try saurkrat juice!
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also it is an antihistamine and can lead to dehydration and which can cause contractions and or high blood pressure
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oh boy! I've only taken one so far in this pregnancy. It worked and I felt so much better. My blood pressure has been perfect in every pregnancy I've had, so I wouldn't want to screw that up now. sauerkraut juice? I've never heard of that before. Does it work and where do you get it from??
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I did not spell it right:) You buy it in the juice section near canned juice. The smaller can not a full size can just drink it down but it works. ALso tuns are OK, and you can do a mixture of (in a small glass) some water for about a big swallow, half spoon of sugar, 1tsp, I esimate and don't measure, of baking soda, then pour some vinager in till bubbly and fizzy and drink while fizzy. YOu will know if you put to much vinager. LOL You should not really taste the vinager or babking soda. It works like a charm too.

The sauerkraut juice works wonders with ulcers and all stomach things as it heals! Now as the baby pushes up on your belly you need to eat very small meals more like snacks as the acid will just get worse. I have GERD and a hernia so I have it real bad and do not take any meds and did fine with these things to help me. Hope it helps you!
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I took it in my pregnancy in the last trimester, one a day before bed and my baby is a healthy 8 week old now. I had really bad reflux and nothing else I tried worked. My Dr said it was ok to take since I was only having one a day. If I were you I would take your doctor's advice. Good luck.
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Thanks for the advice. I was talking to my FIL about it because he gets horrible acid reflux when he eats the wrong things and was telling me if it was heartburn, the baking soda and tums would work but when it's reflux, you need something stronger or else the tums can create more acid. I can see that...because I could take 3 tums when I have the acid reflux and it doesn't do a thing! I am definitely going to talk to my midwife about it and see what she says. For now, I will look for that juice and see if that works at all and try eating smaller meals. I definitely can't eat much these days anyway as everything is being squished up already. I am almost 22 weeks but this is the first pregnancy where my belly is high and the earliest reflux has started.

I would definitely love to stick to the natural side of medications, but so far, Zantac has been the only thing that has worked.
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