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am i being a bad mother ?

Hi ladies this is my story i have a 15 month and i was still breastfeeding her while i was prego ..I just gave birth a week ago and im also breastfeeding my newborn .. Its driving me crazy waking up at night not just to feed 1 but 2 .. I noe its all my fault .. I tried to wean my oldest but i guess i didnt try enough .. I just feel im being a bad mom for giving my oldest what my newborn needs yet im producing lots of milk not even breastfeeding both will make them empty.. Any suggestions on what i can do so my 15 month can stop breastfeeding ?
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You might just have to stop cold turkey, because since her body can do without it and have milk she is probably doing it for attention and timer with mom, so maybe try substituting with an extra book at bedtime, or a mani pedi, a healthy snack, or try warm milk in a cool cup with a character she loves. Something that will give her the same comfort and enjoyment without making it too much of a shock. Hope this helps! Good luck, and don't feel bad, i met a mother once who didn't quit nursing till her child was 5!!!!!
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they aree supposed too start whole milk at 12 months, so its perfectly finee to stop feeeding youur 15 month old breast milk.
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U can breastfeed at the same time. Or pump aswell...or regular milk is fine too.
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Well while i was at the hospital ready to give birth my hubby stayed with her and he gave her whole milk but she wouldnt drink it she would prefer to fall asleep crying .. So i told him to give her whole milk with some kind of chocolate something a lil,bit sweet and he said she would drink it but after that she got diarrea .. She had never had a diaper rash until now and ive tried all these type of creams but nothing works i guess its pretty bad not even the 1 her dr. prescribed for her i just feel so awful .. But i guess ill do what u cayleebutterfly .. Thanks ladies  
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The diarrhea and rash is normal as her body is not used to milk, so maybe try soy milk, almond milk, or a lactose free milk?! Something to ease her onto regular milk, try giving an oatmeal bath for the rash, with Luke warm water, because hot water can irritate the rash.  I know it sounds weird but try using butter, and then add ointment. Hope this helps :-)
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It was hard to stop cuz I new my baby took confort in it but I made the comitment to do it so I did just a few weeks after she turned one. And doing it cold turkey is the best way. You can try distracting her with other foods and such she'll be ok she might be upset but she will get over it.
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Have you tried slowly weaning her? Giving her formula every other feeding?  Heard that worked with my niece she was breastfed until 18 months, also her pediatrician said to give her organic whole milk at first because it would be easier on her stomach
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Thanks again caylee i will try to do that .. Do i put the butter and the ointment right on top or do i have to wait ? I really appreciate ur help .
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Yes ive tried but i guess not hard enough .. Ive tried alot of things and nothing so far .. She eats alot of food but she doesnt forget about my breast .. Especially when she sees her sister latch she tries to takr her off .. I,think shes just so use to breastfeeding
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You can tandem nurse (both at the same time) you aren't taking away any milk from your newborn. Your oldest may wean soon mine was 20 months when he weaned. What I would do If I were you is I would give a bedtime feeding and no more after bedtime until morning. I would limit feedings to 4 times a day or 3. But trust me your doing fine by feeding them both. Your both taking any milk away it's just like feeding twins. Oh I forgot to mention we gave our son a suppuration cup of almond milk vanilla flavored because it's similar in taste to breast milk to help him hold off til the morning.
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My little guy gets bad rashes from whole milk. That's another reason we use the almond milk. The best stuff we've found to work to clear it up was triple paste. It's pediatrician recommended. I wouldn't go cold Turkey because it will engorge you more. Just slowly wean. Take one feeding away every week until your down to 1  and then stop it will be easier on you and her.
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I think its great that she is that age and you still breastfeed...the benefits are great...alot of times children will stop on their own when they just dont want it anymore...
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I guess ima try to,give her almond milk and see what happens ..Im using this cream called butt paste but its not workin.. I give her a bedtime feeding but she'll wake up probably 2 more times before its even 6am it frustrates me lol cauz i dnt get no sleep .. But thats a good idea on how u weaned ur baby .. Thanks
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Jaidennsmommie i noe it has great benefits for her she has never been sick at all the only time she.was down was when she was teething but other than that shes been good thank god
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Butter first wait five seconds and then apply the ointment over top! Have you tried desitin or A&D  those work well!
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I'd say keep nursing both. Try to get them on the same schedule, or limit night feedings for your oldest. She is old enough to start learning to sleep through the night.

And OMG, you are NOT a bad mother for nursing your child!
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