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am i high risk for probs?

i am around 11 wks and this will be my 5th baby, i have had one normal birth which was term in 99, i developed bad pre-eclampisa in my second preg and had emergency section ay 29 wks , i also lost a lot of blood after and needed a blood transfusion. in 01, in 03 i had a emergency section again i had slight pre-eclampsia and a blood clot developed behind my placenta my son was very ill at birth, in 09 i was monitored very carefully put on a small dose of asprin was due to have section but my waters broke and i found out i had strep b ( making my baby ill as waters broke over 12 hours b4 section)
i know i will need a section but what are the risk with my history?
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I'm sorry to hear that you have had such a difficult time.  I hope your children are all well and happy now!  If you were my patient, you are correct that I would recommend another c-section.  I would also recommend an antibody screen (that is part of the routine prenatal panel).  Aspirin is controversial because some studies have shown that it doesn't work, however in your case, there is enough reason to use it, and very little downside risk, so I would probably recommend it again.  For strep b, the usual recommendation is to test at 35-37 weeks with each pregnancy, as it comes and goes.
In your case again, there is such a small downside risk, that I would be very tempted to use antibiotics regardless of your culture result.
I would definitely recommend consultation with a perinatologist/high risk ob specialist!
Good luck!

Dr B
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