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am i preg

Whats a faint plus on a pregnancy test? i did one 2 days ago and it shows a faint positive. im concern about my status if im preg or not. i av pcos but isnt on any medication. also, im spotting brown for 6 days now. could u shed any ligjht on this matter for me please?
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There are very few things that can cause a false positive pregnancy test.  Usually a light positive becomes a darker positive as days go by.  For the MOST accurate results, your doctor could do a quantitative beta HCG.  This test determines whether or not the pregnancy hormone is circulating in your system, and if so, how much.  It can also be repeated to determine whether the pregnancy is developing normally.  A progesterone level is also a good idea if you are going to do blood work.

I hope this helps!
Dr B
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I would wait a week and test again. if the line was faint, there is a good chance it will show up the next time. your hcg level might not be high enough yet to show up on a pregnancy test.
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A faint positive is said to be indeed positive!!!!!!  And the spotting brown may be implantation bleeding which usually happens around the time you are supposed to get you're period!!  How far past your period are you and to you know when you got pregnant?  Are you having any pregancy symptons?
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I had a faint posifive an entire week after my missed period. i'm now 10 weeks
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"When I took a pregnancy test with my third child it was a really faint positive, I made a doctor's appointment to confirm the pregnancy and sure enough i was pregnant I had a baby girl nine months later, and with this pregnancy I'm 7 weeks and 2 days pregnant, i had a really fiant positive so a couple of days later i took another pregnancy test and it was for sure a positive sign. So i'm now due January 10 or 13th, I do not find out until i have my ultrasound. But I thought i would let you know my situation with faint ppsitive pregnancy tests'. good luck take care..............................
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