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am i pregnant

I think I am pregnant but have done 10 home pregnancy tests and all negative. I have uterus ultrasound with some weird measurements (.525 mm on one u/s image and .524 on another) and other stuff and seem to match that of  6 week along pregnancy images on Google. I have also noted bloating which has mostly gone now apart from feeling really full, clear skin and strong sense of smell.... I saw my GP a week ago with the flu and she asked me "is the cough all you came to ask" with a weird grin on her face! I was like yeah. Would she have told me if there was a pregnancy present on the u/s or do they not confirm it because the ultrasound was looking for PCOS?
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If your were 6 weeks pregnant they would have seen something on the sonogram. Especially at 6 weeks a sac atleast.
Symptoms dont really mean much. You could have these for a number of reasons. Is your period late?
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Well your measurements aren't that far apart - so I don't know why you are saying they are strange.  With negative tests, and nothing showing up in the ultrasound, the it's highly unlikely you are pregnant.  Yes, they would have confirmed pregnancy during your visit, especially since you did not indicate to them whether you thought you were - they would have brought it to your attention.  There are many reasons to have "symptoms" other than pregnancy.
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The doctor would have told you if you were pg or not.  I think you're reading too much into her "weird grin."  An u/s would definitely show a sac, especially at 6 weeks.  As for the symptoms, that could be just about anything from about to get your period to you having the flu (or something else).  With 10 negative pg tests it's safe to say you're not pg because by six weeks one of them would have come up positive.
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Thanks all, I have PCOS confirmed, and my period is never regular, but the first day of last period was February 15 and according to the period tracker on i phone i am 8 days late and there are 74 days in my average cycles, which I have been tracking since september. If I conceive it would be dated 6 weeks but actually be 4 weeks along... can you even see the sac then?

I think its cos I want to be pregnant, I keep thinking I am pregnant so I am going a little insane lol. There are 11 pics of my uterus, (seriously how many do they need and if i am not pregnant its likely something is wrong ) and 11 pics, this to me is weird cos I went in for PCOS u/s.

I dont know what a sac would look like, but I know that when i google 6 weeks pregnant and click images, there are tonnes that are almost identical... also the sonogram lady asked why i was having a pelvis u/s and I said it was for PCOS cos my hubby and i are soon going to be ready to have a  family but I dont think it will happen quick so wanted to be prepared... she said (this and the docs comments are driving me crazy too) you never know you may just wake up one day and be pregnant, i think that she was hinting at something, which by the way is incredibly annoying .... cos i wanna know eveything they know about my body.

docs visit to get u/s results she was told on phone I have PCOS, she told me to eat healthy and loose weight... i am 10 kg over weight. last visit she questioned me but we never discussed the u/s and since I have PCOS confirmed shorely she would want to talk about the treatment or whatever... its all too weird for me hey so I am going to the doctors tonight to find out and fingers crossed they were looking at a baby or something like as opposed to polyps or cancer etc etc.
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also measurements were

dist - .524mm
dist - 3.39cm
dist - 3.75cm
dist - 2.69cm
Volume 17.9ml
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If you mentioned all of that to the tech - then you aren't pregnant.  She would have told you immediately if she even suspected pregnancy.  I have PCOS as well, and while it's not impossible to get pregnant with PCOS, it's very difficult without some sort of treatment.  I am also overweight, ovulate on my own (thanks to surgery), and am still having difficulty.  Not that everyone is the same - but trust me, a doctor would have told you flat out if they suspected pregnancy.

If you are wanting to try now, you need to speak with your doctor about treatment options.
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