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amniotic fluid or urine? please help asap

so me and my partner had sex (kinda rough) and after i washed up and peed i put on my underwear. and about 2 minutes later i noticed a pretty big wet spot on them so i changed them. there was little more on the next pair but not as much. i was afraid it might be amniotic fluid so i smelled it (sorry if tmi) and there really was no smell. i had to really smell it to try to detect anything...it kinda smelled like pee but my underwear mostly just smelled like laundry detergent so i couldn't tell really. also my vagina was wet...not sperm cause i know what that would be like. the fluid was wet and odorless and slightly sticky...am i leaking fluid or what? im 22 weeks and i dont wanna call after hours unless i have to.
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pregnancy and rough sex dont go well together hell some doctors say no no to sex if there is a reason like high risk etc. not sure what to tell you but go get it checked out to be sure. No one can really tell you for sure on here what you leaked. Could be left over sex mucus, urine (ammonia smell) amnio fluid. Good luck!
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oh the only thing I can think of is if it was amniotic fluid it would continuously leak and not even kegal excercise would help stop it. Just to be sure is to call the doc.
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thanks! i know its so hard to tell. i think its probably urine i was just surprised by how much there was and i didn't feel like i was peeing at all. it seems to have stopped now so ill just chalk it up to urine unless i experience it more then i'll call. i just know now that im gonna be so worried until my next appointment in 2 weeks.
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No worries! Do you wear panty liners? You should cuz if you don't, you'll have wet panties
often and then you'll stink like pee. Pregnacy does that sadly. I had to upgrade from pantyliners to maxi pads in the end since the baby was putting so much pressure on my bladder, I couldnt tell when I'd leak urine.
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im going to have to start wearing them..were you not ever afraid that it was fluid?
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not really cuz the smell was urine which smells
like ammonia. Leaking amniotic fluid is continuous from what I understand and I didnt have that. I had my ultrasound last week to check levels and cord etc... All is well!
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