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amniotic fluid??

hi, i am 25 weeks pregnant, i have attended all medical appointments including scans and all reports have said everything is fine. since falling pregnant i have noticed that vaginal secretions have increased however lately they appear quite watery and i am wondering whether this is amniotic fluid or not. i can feel my baby often and his movements are strong.
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The increased estrogen associated with pregnancy causes the increased vaginal discharge.  If it is mucus-like, there is probably nothing to worry about.  If you were my patient, I would do a speculum exam to be certain that there is no dilation of your cervix.
I would also do an ultrasound to be sure there is adequate fluid.  If all the tests looked good, I would chalk it up to increased hormones.  I would ask you to continue to monitor the discharge however, and report any changes.
Congratulations on your boy!
Good luck!
Dr B
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