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Anyone else feel so much closer to their animals now? I have a 8 month old kitten and before I got pregnant she didn't want anything to do with me, now she's constantly all over me and if any body squirts her with the spray bottle I get extremely defensive and she's always wanting to be near/on my belly. Just wondering if anyone else is going through this?
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My dog always sniffs my belly ! Lol we always been close. He use to jump on me everytime he seen me (he's a big dog) now he just licks me everywhere lol.
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Aww lol if I'm away from my kitten for too long I feel like I'm gonna cry. It's almost like she's my baby lol
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Im a vet assistant so I work with dogs every day and its crazy bc the more aggressive dogs seem to take to me a lot nicer now that I'm pregnant lol
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Lol it's like they know that you're pregnant. My kitten carries around a stuffed monkey and will drop it in her food bowl trying to feed it like she's going to be a mommy.
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Aw makes me feel bad cause I was so close to my dog before pregnancy now he drives me crazy....he always wants to get right up in my face and I hate that. I hope I'm nicer to him after the baby gets here :( I feel bad cause I know it's my hormones
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I have a lot of animals but the only one who seems closer to me is my dog benji, he follows me everywhere and always wants to be laying on me. And he's always acted like a grumpy old man and doesn't like Being around people, so I like how much he likes me now:)
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My cat is heavily pregnant so we have alot in common at the moment, I actually feel sorry for her trying to get comfy!! I've never been a cat person and my cat has never really been friendly (farm cat) but she's so loving since I found out I was pregnant and even more so since she got pregnant.
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Haha cute! Yeah, my kitten is very independant and sassy, so it's cute. I'll even go pee and she'll be at the door waiting for me lol
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My 7 month old shih tzu is the same way he'll cry outside the door when I'm in the bathroom and he HAS to sleep with me and if he wants to take a nap it has to be on my belly. I wa tellig my mom about this and she told me animals really can sense that your pregnant I love it and he's so small that it doesn't bother me at all :)
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My sisters dog she didn't come to anyone but my sister. Now everytime i come over she runs to me and gets happy to see me. She sniffs me lays by me etc. My mom is always saying your having a boy, but I don't believe those wive tales. But I will find out thursday.
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My pup I just got yesterday has been attached to me 100%. She ignores my boyfriend and runs straight to me. At the moment she is curled up on me and sleeping with her head on my belly. She is a pit pup so she is not that small lol. I love her to death. She even pushes open the bathroom and bedroom doors just to get to me.
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Awww! that's cute yall. :)
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My fiances parents dog used to barley ever come around me and now he's always with me like he know either he's cuddling with me or at my side on gaurd and let's noone he dont know come close its so cute:)
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My 13 wk old puppy and my husbands 3 yr old pit sleep with me and lay with me all day on my days off :) its adorable, and before I got preggers his cat never came in the room, now it seems like everytime im in there she comes in too!
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Animals are so smart:))
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Haha aww :) my kitten will sniff my belly. She's like "mama what's in there" and I'm barely showing lol
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My moms cat is always with her ever since ive been pregnant she follows me around and lays on me. My niece is like that too now tho I thought it was a bit weird. She has always been more willing to come to me than.most but the past couple times Ive.goe.over there she wants up and to lay with me and its funny because ever since she learned to walk she does not want up lol mom says.its because she knows :)
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