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anxiety/bipolar during pregnancy?

I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder when I was merely 10, and struggled til I was about 23 because we weren't able to find a way that worked for me until than. I was diagnosed with bipolar when I was 21 though (I am 24 now) and was put on medication that helped and great deal and I was doing well in that aspect because I used to be and pretty rotten person and times and it really began go take a toll on me.

In November,  I fell pregnant. I found out at 5weeks at long that I was expecting my first child. I immediately did not think twice at longed stopped my medication right away to protect my little one in any way that i could. My anxiety wad under control, everything else was up to par - so in the midst of my happiness, I thought I'd be okay. Around week 15 I'd started feeling the depression coming on, the anger I'd once felt happen for no reasons at all, and the constant crying and frustration. But I managed to push myself through it. I would get spurts of happiness but it is never for very long.

Next, the panic attacks began. Once a week to start. I was fine to deal with that. Mad mind you, but I could deal. Or so I thought. And than it starting progressing to 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, times a week and I just knew they were back for good and this as caused me to really sink low. I can't seem to leave the house anymore and that andnymorelone is taking a huge toll because everytime it triggers an attack and I can't handle them at all. They are super exhausting and very scary. I get dizzy, lightheaded,  all clammy, I begin to shake and my whole body turns to jelly to the point where I can't walk without crashing down. My speech goes slurred and my vision blurry and all of this causes me to throw up. Only immediate cure? Rushing home before it gets worse so i can be in a safe and quiet place, such as my bedroom and sleeping it off. It's like, it restarts my brain and I and i am able to function normally again.. until it happens again. It's a never ending cycle. Just don't want ro have 5-6 a day like I was having everyday at one point.

Any advice on what to do? I've been told medication is harmful to the unborn child but I really don't know how to overcome this .. I am scared for when my child actually arrives. What if I struggle to take care of her? To love her? I'm freaking out and don't know where to run too. My anxiety has me keeping to myself completely ..

Thank you all in advance. xo
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Hi there.  Gosh, sorry to hear you are going through (and have been) through so much.  It is really important when there are mental health issues to stay in close contact with your doctor.  Do you see a psychiatrist?  Essential at this point, especially pregnant without medication, to do that.  And they help make determinations about what is best for you.  Sometimes cognitive behavioral therapy is a good option and sometimes, they weight risks to benefits and will still have a woman take medication during pregnancy.  Under doctors supervision, that can sometimes be the best choice.  

Have no fear about struggling to care for or love your child.  You will, no doubt.  But you should be able to do so without suffering from the symptoms of bipolar and anxiety.  I believe it is really critical to be under doctor's care for these mental health conditions at this time and immediately following the birth.  Many women struggle without a pre existing condition and so you are at even greater risk for mental health complications.  So, please please please talk to your doctor and resume care of a psychiatrist at this time.  good luck hon.  
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Sorry to hear about that. I'm 24 and typically have panic attacks during stressful times, however what made me calm down is talking to someone, like my husband or sister every now and then. Talking to someone who relaxes your nerves is always a good route to go :)  

You can even cope with problems by watching kdramas (lol.weird) but ive always watched them ever since i started highschool at 15 and its absolutely helpful. There's a ap called viki you can download for free and start watching :) ♡
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The website www.getselfhelp.Co.uk. Has self help cbt workbooks you can work through. But if you can, get individual therapy, cbt will help you manage the panic. Unfortunately, the best treatment for bipolar is medication and the benefits may outweigh the risks to your baby. I've worked in mental health for nearly 15yrs and treated pregnant women, we would never advise them to stop taking their medication and I've never known any adverse effects to their babies.
Also, your mental illness will not directly effect your baby once your keeping nourished and fit so don't worry about that.
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Oops, I just realized I was on the wrong age group forum!
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