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armpit lump..?

I have a small lump in my armpit and it feels like its bruised.. any ideas what it is??? Its pretty small and tender.
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I have gotten those they go away after a free days someone said from not cleaning properly but I'm not sure how true that is though I clean very well lol
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I had something like that when I was younger. So I dont think yours is pregnancy related. Go to a doctor, I had to get mine cut out.
Plus small possibility it could be a cancerous lump.
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Scary :/ hoping its just a cyst or something.
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I had that and it was a cyst it was an ingrown hair and turned in to a cyst the dr removed it
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I dont want anything removed :s did it hurt??
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I have a gyno appt on tuesday should i wait or will she send me to a different doctor??
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No it didnt hurt they gave me a local anesthetic and cutbit right out didnt hurt at all . Yea theyll send you to a different dr just tell your dr about it at the appointment amd theyll refer u to another dr
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It could be a lymph node when I was younger they would come every time I got a period. Just show your doc if your worried the ob should know what it is
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Could be a swollen lymph node.  Look it up on google images
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Oct beat me to it! Lol.

If u can move it under your skin and its round it most likely is but you should go to your doctor just to be sure
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Even if it is a cyst, chances are its harmless and won't need to be removed. I have them everywhere.  Neck, arms, chest, armpits. They're all about the size of a grape and can't be seen from the outside but can be felt.
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Mines like the size of a pea. I didnt even notice it for the first day i just thought my armpit was bruised.
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it could be a little hernia I was born with one n it heald on its own n now that im pregnant it bulges little bit its above my belly button
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I was going to say if it is pea sized its probably a lymph node...
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ingrown hair most probably.... most likely nothing....
Good luck
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Oops never mind lol wrong onee
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My fiance just went to the er for a bump in his armpit tutns out to be a bacterial infection cause he`s smart self cut himself shaving a while back and it was first an in grown hair but he kept putting deodorant in it so it turned into a cyst they prescribed him some antibiotics and an over the counter cleanser called hibiclens bump is almost completely gone the reason they didn't cut into it was it didnt have a white head yet.
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I have a skin disease called Hidradenitis. It is normally caused by stress or hormones. It feels like a pimple or a cyst and it can be quite a b!tch. It hurts and bruises. I had to get the worst one lanced because it made my arm pit swell up the size of a baseball! I would talk to you doctor or go see a dermatologist.
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Did he have any pain in his arm when he had the lump?
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