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hey I have a question for one of my friends she doesn't wanna ask anyone and hasn't told her doctor anything at all and she is due anyday now she didn't tell her doctor she had herpes she does not have any break outs right now at this time but she wants to know if she can still have her baby naturl or if she can give it to her baby I told her to ask her doctor but she won't she is to scared to ask so I told her I would found out for her so here I am ask yall can she have her baby naturl even though she didn't and says she isn't going tell anyone else she has too and can it hurt her baby when her little girl is born
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If she has a break out at the time of delivery....yes she can pass it. U should really  try to force her to tell her doctor to be safe.
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I read information one time that stated if a baby was delivered vaginally during a breakout that blindness could occur. She needs to consult her doctor about this to prevent any possible complications.
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I have and have been since she was told she was pregnant I told her they deal with std all the time during pregnancy it's not that it is a bad thing and it is there job to deal with things like this but she won't I even told her how I had a std at the start of mine our course my doctor was the one who told me and how all they will do is treat her for it like how they did me and my bf who I wanted to kill but we didn't know who give it to who so we couldn't be too mad at each other
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where did you get this so I can show it to her I didn't see anything really all I saw was that yes you can unless your having a break out and I'm thinking maybe if I can scare her into telling her doctor
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Well, she should be thinking about the health of her lil girl and not of what her doctor will think of her. There's certain precautions that can be taken just in case of a break out. Its for the saftey of the child really.
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and I think the same thing but since she isn't really thinking is all I know what to say then I am trying to help her so at least maybe her and her baby will be okay
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Is it possible to give her partner all this information so that they can go to an appointment and tell the doctor.
She shouldn't be embarassed or anything. She sure will be when she passes something on to her daughter or causes complications because of her own actions.
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U should advise her to go to the dr.
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I don't even know if her partner knows at all so that is a good question as well which I would think he would know bc if I'm not which I don't know a lot about std or anything like that I never knew of a lot of things till I got pregnant sounds bad yes but if you never had it then you don't really know about it or at least that is how it was with me lol I didn't even know was a yesta think I spelled that right was untill I got it while pregnant and even that I thought was a std which my doctor told me no it's a sti and they are differnet from what he is saying but anyways that is why I am trying to get as much infor as I can so I can help her with this the only reason why I know is bc me and her have been friends for years and when she got it I was the one who took her to the doctor and I have never seen someone cry so hard :(
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she needs to know that her Dr is the one who specializes in this area and truly needs to know this info.... talk to her about how she would feel if she gives it to her baby knowing what its like having it, cause it sounds like she hasnt really delt with truly having it(not saying anything to her Dr sounds like she is in denial)... its very unfortunate but its common and doesnt mean anything bad on her part...she didnt choose it in anyway!
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I don't think she has really delt with it but I'm guessing it's something had to deal with bc from what she told me it's a std that never goes away and I feel very bad for her and I guess telling people will just hurt her again thank you though maybe she will if I try hard enough to get her to tell someone at least
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Stress from delivery and contractions can actually cause her to have an outbreak therefore it could be passed onto her baby and the doctor won't be prepared which would be neglect on her part because she knew she had it and didn't say anything... WHATEVER U DO PLEASE TRY TO CONVINCE HER THAT SHE COULD CAUSE ALL TYPES OF COMPLICATIONS TO HER BABY WHEN THEY COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED
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I know my doc tests for HIV around 34 wks so I wonder if they scan for anything else. I go for my 37 wk check tmrw and can ask my doc. She really might wanna tell her partner bc he could get it from her.
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I got a lot of information about it on this site. You may want to show it to her. If she doesn't let her doctor know she is being very selfish not only towards her doctor but her partner.. i hope she is able to let her doctor know.  Here is some of what i read off of this page.
What would happen if my baby got herpes during delivery or as a newborn?

About a third of the time, newborn herpes affects a baby's skin, eyes, or mouth, but not his other organs. If that's the case, he may have sores at delivery or develop them up to four weeks later. They typically turn up between 1 and 2 weeks of age.

Herpes lesions usually look like blisters and can appear anywhere on a baby's body. They often appear where there has been a small break in the skin or any trauma — like where the hospital wristband was or where an electrode was placed on his head to monitor his heart rate during labor.

If your baby has herpes that's limited to the skin, eyes, and mouth and gets prompt treatment with intravenous acyclovir, he'll most likely do well eventually. One study showed that more than 90 percent of babies with this form of herpes were developing normally when they were tested as 1-year-olds, although an infected baby can have serious recurrent outbreaks or long-term problems.

If not treated promptly, a baby who starts out with herpes limited to the skin, eyes, and mouth can go on to develop an even more serious form of herpes.

In another third of newborns who get herpes, the central nervous system is affected. This most often shows up at about 2 to 3 weeks of age with symptoms such as irritability, fever, lethargy, poor feeding, or seizures.

The remaining third of newborns get what's called disseminated herpes, which involves multiple organs, often the lungs and liver. It typically shows up during the first week after birth. Babies with disseminated herpes may or may not have skin lesions. (If they don't, diagnosing herpes as the source of the baby's illness is tricky.)

These latter forms of herpes are very serious. Unfortunately, even with prompt treatment, a number of these babies will die, and many of the survivors will end up with serious long-term health and developmental problems.
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Sorry hopefully this link works.
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With all the blood work and test during pregnancy, how does her dr not know? When I got pregnant they ran a pap and std check to be sure. All was neg. But the info that I have read says that if a mother has signs or sympoms of an outbreak or even blisters she will have to have c section but to possibility of passing it to the lil one. But if no active symptoms are present the risk is lowered and concidered safe for vag delivery. But tell the dr in case of missing the results! It for the health of baby and peace of mind for mommy to be. Best wishes
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thank you yes I will show her all that and hope she will do the right thing
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I really don't know how the doctor wouldn't know also bc I got tested for everything in the book when I went to my first app and then again two weeks ago sep b test and then again last week for a std that I was told I had when I was 10 weeks I can't spell it starts with a c but lucky I don't have that anymore bc even that scared me and I cried for hours and hated my bf but my doctor told me that its a quit std that you never know when you have it that you can have it for years without knowing that kinda made me feel better I don't know if he was trying to get me to stop crying or what
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