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back labor, please help

what does back labor feel like? can you be in back labor without any adomonal pains?  i have been having some cramps for a few hours in my stomach that made my back hurt too.  but just a sec ago i got up to go pee, and literally fell to the ground and cried my lower back got a huge pain in it like i was being stabbed over and over, it last for like a mintue.  still kinda hurts but not like that.  but as that was happening i didnt have any pain in my stomach, jsut the back and alot of pressure down there.  any one have any idea?
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If it continues go to the hospital cuz you may be in labor. With my youngest it was like i had contractions but felt them in my back and not the front. Then it would switch to the front or so it felt. Your lil way may be on his way right now!!! good luck keep us updated!!!
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Okay, also i just went pee and the toilet paper was wet like normal obviously but it was tinted light pink as well, and  tiny tiny peice of mucus string that had alil light pink in it too.. what is that?
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Well from what i know any pink or red is a sign of blood. In which i would go to the hospital just to be safe. Im not sure if you would bleed if your placenta tore for some reason. I would say it is better safe then sorry and maybe since you are over due you can get them to induce you!!! Good luck
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Sounds like bloody show which usually indicates labor is starting soon!:) i had back labor with my first but i was induced and it was awful.! keep us posted!
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i just went pee again and it was bright red this time.. nurse at L&D said it was my bloody show :) so im prolly in early labor and to get some rest
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Yay! I knew you were going soon! I had back labor (my little boy was sunny side up and weighed over 8 lbs) and it was awful!!!! I hope that your little one isn't sunny side up and if he is that he turns! I bet you will be in the hospital by tomorrow!!!! OH YEAH! You GO GIRL!
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I say rest but keep an eye on how much blood you loose. I never had any blood during labor with either of my boys. i wish you the best of luck!
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im excited for you!!! i think coles gonna be poppin out sometime within the next 24-48 hours... he better cause my last prediction was wrong lol. YAY!! im gonna be prayin a lot of yall.
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Actually at my last u/s 2 weeks ago, he was sunny side up, which def. explains the back pain,  lol.. i hope he turns before active labor starts... and im praying and praying this is it..  i really need to get some rest, its after midnight, but im kinda anxious and dont wanna sleep, but dont wanna get my hopes up :(
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he is coming on 11 i bet.....good luck.
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When I went into labor with my son I had no pain in the front it was all in my back
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I really hope you are at the hospital having your little one.  Let us know :)
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ahhh....im so excited for you...i hope you are getting ready to have cole today...i never had back labor (only had 1 kid and was induced for him) but my doc said because my uterus is tilited backwards i may experience this...im scared now

congrats....cole is about to be here if not here already :)
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I had back labour with my first son....NO FUN!!  The epidural saved me.  Good luck :-)
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I hope this is it for you - good luck.  We have been pretty close with our stats, so I hope this means my little one is coming soon too.  Keep us updated : )
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Well I woke up this morning, feeling better :(.  driving me crazy.  my back still hurts off and on, and i havnt had anymore blood except for that one time. is that normal?  I dont understand why he would be teasing me this late.  im 3 days over now.  If i dont get good news at my appointment tomorrow morning im gonna lose it
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The fact that you had bloody show and your back is still hurting on and off is a good sign even if you are feeling better. i know that i had bloody show and my water broke right after but it was my second labor. I always watch that show called a baby story and a lot of the times they have bloody show and go into labor within the next 24 hours. My best advice would be do everything to get that baby moving! Walk walk walk today even if you don't feel like it- do nipple stimulation!! Slowly but surely he's making his arrival!
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I am not cramping again, and think i just had another contraction, this would all be so easy if my water would jsut break, then there would be no wondering what to do.  i have an appointment tomorrow morning. i would love to not make it there!
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I am so sorry! I had thought for sure when I got on to check today you would have had your little guy! He is going to be stubborn, lol! Sounds like the nurse is right. Begining stages of labor. I know you dont want to hear this but honestly I would rest up if you can. You arent going to be getting my sleep from here on out. Or you could go for a long walk and then have a nice soak in the tub:~) Either way, your body is getting ready!
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Typical taurus!! They are stubborn bulls (DH and DD are both taurus'..they're stubborn from the get go!) I agree with resting, you're going to need all your strength to get Cole out. Hope you don't make it to your appt. tomorrow Ammanda!! Good luck sweetie!
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Hey Ammanda.. I may be the best person to answer your question. I was handling my contractions until I was 8cms dialated without any pain meds. But that was when back labor hit. Believe me it literaly felt like my hip bones were being ripped apart. I felt no pain at all in my belly or any where in front. Every thing was on my back. The only way I could cope was for my husband to put pressure on the opposite side on my back. But man I could not take it as I passed out as the pain was just too much. Just because I needed to be alert for pushing I had to have the epidural. I honestly hope you won't have to go through that pain. Good luck hun..
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im gonna stop predicting cause cole keeps makin me look bad.
im sorry you're still prego :(
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The night before I had my last baby, my back was killing me, all night.  I was walking around our town's carnival and kept saying "Ooh, my back!"  [Of course I was HUGE and my back had been kinda hurting for a while, but this was different.]  My mom was like, "Your gonna go into labor very soon!  Tonight or tomorrow!" and she was right.  I started having mild contractions later that night, all the next morning, and by late morning, I called the doc.  Went in to the hospital around noon and had Cooper around 8pm.

Anyway, my point is that back pain can def be an early sign of labor, so hang in there girly, It CAN"T be long til you have baby Cole in your arms!  Walk walk walk walk walk!!  If you have an exercise ball, bounce on it!  Take a four-wheeler ride, jump on a trampoline, LoL, whatever it takes! = )
I will be thinkin about ya!  xxoo
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