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birth control question.

so I'm trying to get an idea of what kind of birth control to get on after I have my baby. and since I won't have insurance I'm wanting something long term. what are you ladies going to get on if you plan on doing so. I've just heard so many horror stories about iuds so I'm scared to get one of those. any suggestions or advice?
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The depo provera shot can be taken while breastfeeding and is needed every 3 months. If you get it within 6 weeks of delivery it can reduce your milk supply. I'm not sure how expensive it is though
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I've gone on the depo after all three of my babies right away and it never effected my milk supply. My doctors have said it doesn't have any effect on your supply. One of the times I was on it I didn't have insurance and I think it was around $60 each time but cost is going to depend on your clinic, at my clinic I just had a nurse appointment to get it each time. Other long term birth controls are the IUD, there is one with hormones and one without, they are good for 5 years. There is also implanion (sp?). Its a little implant they put in your upper arm and I believe its good for 5 years too.
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I'm getting the implanon. It's a lil rod inserted in your ARM. It lasts up to 3 years. Also not sure $$ but I'm sure it varies from state to state.
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My doctor wanted me to get the mirena and I told him NO THANK YOU ,he kept insisting but I'm not very fond of it at all ,so it won't be happening,and I also don't want pills because thats how I got pregnant lasr time because I missed a day ,so idk what birth control to get either /: my cousin yold me the one in the arm is very good (she got it) she said it hurt a little afterward but not too much,but idk.
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If you are worried about cost you can go to planned parenthood and say you don't have insurance. I got the nuva ring for free but I think they charge based on your income. I'm sure they have several options too.
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I personally am against the depo shot  i had too many problems with it including a misscarriage in 2009. I chose not to use a birth control after having my daughter but if u go to your local health department they do have planned parenthood that should help if not cover ur birth control choice.  my sil had the one in her arm n she lovvvved it
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I had the depo after my first child. It messed me up, I would get constant migraines and took forever to get my system cleaned out. I personally don't recommend it.
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thank you everyone for all the info. I was on the pill for 5 years before we decided to get pregnant and I loved it. but I know it's expensive to pay for monthly. unfortunately my husband makes to much for planned parenthood. that's why I want something long term. no need for another baby anytime soon. lol. but the implanon sounds interesting.
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Check out different kinds of bc pills because I was on one for a while and it was only like $30 a month.
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Paraguard  iud or im getting the enssure procedure done this is my last and final baby
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well I dont trust a lot of pills. I was on the same one for all 5 years and never had any side effects. it made my period almost non existent. I switched one time and hated what I was on. and I really don't want to take a pill for another possibly 5 years. I just want something I dont have to think about.
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what's the ensure procedure.
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