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birth control

I've never used birth control because I don't want my hormones messed up, and I've heard it making people bleed heavier and longer so I never wanted to do that. But now I'm about to have my second child, and I don't want anymore. Tubal is out of the question because the Dr won't do it at 23 yrs old. Sooooo I need some birth control options that are safe and lasts a while. Any good ones?
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Where do you live? I'm in tx & my dr will do tubals at 23
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Im getting an iud after my baby. Its the safest and most effective and its reversable. Dont get a tubal just because you dont want another baby right now. Iud will last 3-5 years and they can take it out if you decide to have another child later on in life
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The pill actually can shorten and lighten your period. Have you asked your bf/husband to get clipped there are less complications and its cheaper.
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I'm in TX. Both my doctors said 25 and up. But I'm still scared of that too. Just want the safest thing.
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And I'm soooooo not a pill person. I will forget about them about the 5th day in. Lol
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I had a mirena IUD after my son was born and didn't have a single period from when it was inserted until I had it taken out. Back before my son when I got depo provera shots I didn't get periods on that either. Most hormonal methods make periods shorter and lighter or eliminate them completely.
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Yea I would say an iud is the best way there is one that is 10yrs and  there is also the permanent one essure
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I hate the side effects of hormonal birth control like the pill, and my mom's IUD migrated, so she had to have it surgically removed, so I'm scared of those, too. I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet. They said I could get my tubes tied, but I want another baby in a few years, so that's out of the question. No clue what to do yet.
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I had the mirena IUD and would NOT recommend it. I had a lot of problems with migration, scarring, and overall uterine discomfort. Everyone is different though.
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Their is a progestron thing they can put in ur qrm it last for 3yrs it implanon or something. But id stay away from the iud. My sister had one after her first and it punctured a hole in her uterus. She had to get it segerically removed, if they slip out of place the can cause alot of problems. And dr. shouldnt recomend them if ur not in a commited relationship (because different sized men can move it around or cause infections) also they say u need to have a kid incase it does cause dammage and u might not be able to have more kids. I know alot if people use it and they brought it back after 30yrs of it being banned cuz its plastic and more flexible than it was but i stil dont trust it. I had a doc try get me on it when they first came back a a few yrs agao and i refused cuz of all the information i found.
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Im getting the implanon after i have my baby girl. Its a bar thingy that goes in your arm and will last from 3-5 years. Depends on how long you want it in for. You don't have to worry about taking it and its effective like 5-7 days after they put it in your arm.
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The depo shot is by far my favorite form of birth control. I was on it for 3 yrs before stopping to try to conceive again. I never got my period and it didn't change my hormones at all, I loved it and will be on it again after this baby :)
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Im pregnant with my second child and after I have the baby I am going back on the depo shot. I had it before and loved it. Its a 3mth thing so youll just have to remember that, I've heard many horror stories from mirena and a family member has implanon and she wouldnt recommend it either. Longer lasting isnt always the best choice(in my opinion)
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