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bloating feeling dure pregnancy?

im about 4 week into my pregnancy (just found out) and for the last 2 days ive been having this feeling of being full of air...its not at my pubic area, but seems to be right under my ribs...any ideas what it is and how to deal with it? i fee like i cant get enough air, but that im full of it, makes no sense! its not heart burn and im able to pass gas so im at a loss!
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sorry had to bump it...

the bloating is above my belly button and in my rib area, mainly on my left side. ive tried laying down and taking pepto-bismol, but its not working and now i feel nauseous...any help?!?
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I have to tell you that I have been extremly bloated, in the area between the bottom of my ribs and my belly button, it is really firm and puffy.  I am burping a lot too.  I have to tell you that this is supposed to be very common, I mean the bloating and gassiness, I havent dont anything about it, but maybe someone on here will have a good tip.

Also,  at times I have trouble breathing, like I cant get enough air like you mentioned. I looked this up on the internet and I read the the increasing levels of progesterone increasing your heart and breathing rate, which in early pregnancy (before you adapt to it) can make you feel as though you are short of breath.  I dont know how accurate that it, but that I what I have read, and it made me feel better for what it is worth.

I hope that you get some good answers about the bloating, cause I sure am feelin your pain!!
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I dunno what's causing yours.
I never started getting bloated till I was about 3 months.
And ever since my 3 months it's just gotten worse.
The not feeling like you can breathe good enough never started till about a month ago cuz my uterus started getting bigger and everything inside me was getting pushed up against my lungs.
So I really dunno what to tell you about your case.

Don't take pepto though.
Try coke syrup for the nausea or crackers or ginger ale with ice.
Pepto has stuff in it that's really bad for the baby.

May I suggest avoiding foods that give you gas?
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