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breast milk

I really want my baby to have breast milk for the first month or so, but really can't imagine actually breast feeding, so I was thinking about just pumping it.. I don't know the first thing about it.  So is that any different, does it break the bond? Does it hurt any less?  I have absolutely no idea, so if you could help me with these questions, or let me know other things that I need to know, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you!!
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hi there!i breastfed my son untill he was over 9 and a half months old and only stopped because he didnt really need it anymore!u will probably find it hard 2 actually pump enough for the first 3 months or so(at least thats what i found) as a lot of the time u need 2 w8 untill your body produces the right amount of milk for your baby naturally(so i was told by a midwife)!however differnt professonals say different things!it will probably hurt just as much but that disappears within anything from a few days to 2 weeks(with normal breastfeeding anyway)!however dont worry about the bond not being there!the bond will be there regardless(unless u r unfortunate 2 suffer with post natal)!dont completely rule out breastfeeding untill u have your baby in your arms!u may feel differently!i personally found breast feeding one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life even when my son had 8 teeth!however everyone is different!i hope i have been some sort of help! xx
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Thanks that was a lot of help. I only want to feed it breast milk for a month not any longer.  I Just don't want to worry about breast feeding in public, Ive always been the one that hated seeing girls do that in grocery stores and stuff like that.  Nothing against them, I just wouldn't ever do it. And I don't want to deprive my baby of food, just because were in public so I think it would be better to just buy formula, but then again I don't know.. lol..
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Why do you not want to breastfeed? It's a very natural process and it is what breasts are for.

It is possible to exclusively pump but there are risks, such as not being able to pump efficiently enough to drain your breasts which could then cause low supply issues. Your baby would be the most efficient at building your supply and draining your breasts (which would prevent mastitis and other infections in your breast).

I say give it a try! And if it ends up creeping you out then switch to exclusively pumping. You may find a breastfeeding advocate deep inside of you that you didn't realize was there!
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I guess I was typing as you replied to the other person. Like I said, give it a try. I am a very modest person and I truly admired women that could nurse in public. I just had my third baby whom I exclusively breastfeed (meaning I don't use bottles at all) and my confidence has grown. I use a cover in public.

Anyway you could breastfeed at home and pump bottles for when you go out into public. I think it would be very good if you research the benefits of breastmilk.

I've done both formula feeding and breastfeeding so I'm not against those who choose to formula feed.
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lol!i understand completely!i have never really shied from doing so in public but even i had my reservations!u will probably be advised to give your baby the actual breast for the first feed or 2 as the colustrum stuff that comes out is VERY important for your baby(so i was told again!lol!)if u find you enjoy breast feeding but dont want to do it in public then breastfeed at home and use formular when u are out and bout!however if u only want 2 do it for a month i suggest u only use a bottle as sometimes, like my son, a baby wont feed from a bottle after having the breast!gd luck with whatever you decided!and whatever you decide will be whats best for your baby as as long as you are happy ur baby will be!it can be a confusing matter for some woman but trust me as soon as you hold that baby in your arms you will just know!good luck and keep me posted!how far gone are you? x
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Im 24wks
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