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breastfeeding question

I wanted to exclusively breastfeed my baby which I did for couple weeks but according to her pediatrician,c isnt gaining enough weight :/ n now I have to give her formula with the bresastmilk :( what should I do? is there anything to help produce more milk? I tried pumping it out but I barely make anything !!!!!
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I'm taking Fenugreek Capsules to produce more milk and It really works! You can buy them at Walmart.
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I say don't use formula! Your baby will get what they need! Most breastfed babies aren't fat! Because they aren't suppose to be! Don't give up! I gave up three times and I regret it! Talk to a lactation consultent...not a doctor!
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Try feeding her a little more often from your breast. that will increase your milk.
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Uhh that is not true ^^ I have never met a breastfed baby that wasn't fat. My son was breastfed and is STILL big both tall and solid. Breasfmilk is made to turn 7 pound babies into 30 pound babies.

Anyways. I would just try to increase your milk before trying formula. And make sure you have a good latch. I drank a tall thick glass of Ovaltine (its a brand of chocolate milk and it
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*it has to be Ovaltine you can find it next to the powdered nesquick) I have heard that drinks and foods with yeast in them will really blow you up.
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There are different things out there try you can talk to a local le leche league they will have lots of enough.  We had the same problem with my son but the problem wasn't my supply he was tiny so he was using more energy than he was getting from bf.  Also he had a small tongue Tue so he couldn't feed as efficiently as he needed to.  I just want you to know your doing what you can and a little formula will be just fine for the little one.  Once we found a formula he would take and he started putting on some weight things were a lot easier on all of his.  I bf as long as I could while supplementing when I dried up he went to just formula.  Do what you need to for little one and don't feel like your doing anything wrong.  She is getting the goodness of breast milk even if you have to supplement with a little formula.
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I agree with mizy_g I was told when I had my 1st child and had to see the lactation specialist that simply pumping will not help your milk supply. Baby needs to be physically latched on to your breast and drinking in order for you to produce milk.  I also agree with Lanny_Licorice fenugreek capsules work to increase milk supply and in South America (where I'm from) my grandma and aunts always said eating and/or drinking oatmeal everyday or several times a day wether it be cooked or in a drink also increases milk supply. There is also a new product on the Internet that's in the form of an energy shot type bottle called "Milky" and its used strictly to increase milk supply. But 1st and foremost make sure baby is latching on good and keep offering her breast! If you need to you can also schedule an appt with a lactation specialist either with the hospital of by calling the La Leche League. They helped me tons with my 1st child! Good luck Hun :)
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That should be tongue tie.

I also want to mention depending on her sizes feeding more often can be a problem.  With my son we had to have a strict schedule of bf and only bottles in between if he was hungry otherwise he wouldn't gain because again he was using more energy to bf than he was getting.

I spent a lot of time feeling guilty about the whole situation and had many many people tell me he didn't need formula.  Except he went from barely gaining to losing weight.  In our case its not that I didn't try hard enough or didn't try everything possible he needed the supplement.  If you can pump and supplement great if not don't feel guilty give the formula.
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Fenugreek is great also eat oatmeal in the am it increases your production and you can also try power pumping you feed your baby then pump each breast for 10-15 mins even if nothing is coming out it will tell your body you need to make more milk
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The more you nurse the more you will make, so supplementing formula will only make things worse.  You can get mothers milk tea from natures medicines I found it at albertsons.  And like was said above fenugreek can help with supply.  Pumping does not show an accurate amount of what you make, I could hardly express anything while pumping but was able to nurse 3 babies.  They were in the smaller percentiles in weight, but many breastfed babies are.  Go to the website kelly mom . Com it has weight charts for breastfed babies that are different then the ones doctors use, and tons of other breastfeeding resources.  And I would call a lactation consultant and get their opinion.  A better way to tell if baby is getting enough is if they are weting enough diapers a day.  I cant remember the exact number but Im sure you could google it!  Good luck!  I had one doctor try to tell me my baby wasnt getting enough to eat either and tried to get me to supplement but after talking to a lactation consultant and another pediatrician came to find out it wasnt true!  
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thankyou guys.. I am doing all I can, I am drinking fenugreek tea I hope it helps.. I let her latch on for more than an hour but as soon as I take her off c cries for more food, I feel really bad :/c does suck good  idk wt the problem is.. n yes I didnot give her any formula in the begining but those days I wld b breastfeeding all day cuz c wld never gt full so now I breastfeed for half an hour first n then give her 3fl oz of formula everytime
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