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brownish/pink bleeding in first trimester

Im 9 weeks into my pregnancy and have stared bleeding...Im freaking out even though Dr said to take it easy and stay off feet......I had bled alittel when i was 5 weeks and it stopped now it doign it agian but now its more and also have littel tissue (like clots) passing too , is this normal????? I leave for vaca tomorrow and i cant stop woryring about this Ive been told it ok but I just dont know this is my first time going thru any of this
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IF you were my patient, I would definitely want to see you in the office for an ultrasound prior to your leaving on a vacation.  I would want to be certain that everything was developing normally.  By nine weeks there should be a nice active fetus and a heart beat visible on a transvaginal scan.  Unfortunately sometimes that is not what we see, and some patients have a blighted ovum ( an empty gestational sac ).  A blighted ovum is destined to miscarry, and would not be fun on a vacation.
An ultrasound image of a happy healthy baby would however be lots of fun to show off.
Perhaps your doctor could be coaxed into a quick scan.

Good luck!
Dr B
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it could be two things:

1.subchroniac bleeding(hematoma)


2.possible serious problems

I would see my OB before I leave If I were you
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hi that happened to me when i was 5 weeks gone and sadly i miscarried go to your hospital and they can scan for babys heart beat good luck
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I and 15dpo, and when i was 12dpo i started spottingpinkish/redish discharge that was stringy looking, then it stopped and now its back but it is brown this time. could this be implantation bleeding?
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im 7weeks 4days preg, went for my first u/s 2 days ago due to spotting, it showed everything fine and my baby had a heart beat..apart from my baby was only showing about 4mm and 5-6 weeks :/ i'm confused....... got home that night and started to have period like blood im scared and i've had previouse misscarages but didn't know how far i was, the bleeding hasn't stoped and i went to the a&e and they said they couldn't do anything which is a downer and i'm so upset it felt like some one ripped my heart out...
any one been through the same thing or is it just me ???
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Hi, I had a scan yesterday as i had started bleeding. The blood is red and has some clotting which the hospital did not seem to be worried about. I thought i was about 9 weeks but i have come home and discussed it with my partner and have discovered i am only about 6 weeks. During the scan we found out we were expecting twins but there was no heartbeat in either. One sac was large and the other very small. There were pods in both. Is it possible i am too early on to see a heartbeat and does the size of the sac matter? I have another scan next friday but i am worried sick. Thank you. Michelle. x
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Hi, I would today be about 9 weeks along. I went in last Friday due to spotting (very very light brown), to the ER and they did an Ultrasound an HCG test. They said everything seemed normal and the bleeding was not from the uterus/cervix. My HCG levels were 3700.  Sunday I went in again to the ER due to the spotting become darker and more frequent with clots. They did another HCG test. I went to the OB today (Monday) and they did another ultrasound. Unlike the first one done only a few days before... I was told that my sac was about 9 weeks along but the fetus was only about 6 1/2 weeks and my HCG levels had dropped 700. I am told this is not a good sign and to prepare for the worst. After coming home today, the bleeding is slowly but steadily getting worse and I've begun to pass more clots. In all, I am told my pregnancy does not look to be a normal preganancy and I will more than likely lose the baby. Though it's not ABSOLUTE, the doc did say it was unlikely the preganncy will continue...
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Hi, I posted a comment a couple of weeks ago and i have just got out of hospital after having a miscariage on Sunday of one of my babies and a d&c on wed for the other to be removed. So sad but my babies must have been sick. Onwards and upwards i guess! Good luck to you all with your pregnancy! Much love and i hope you all have a gorgeous baby to cuddle soon!     Me .... I will be trying again soon.... Fingers crossed. xxxxx
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Hey Hun i did the same thing.. and its extremly common... The reason for my bleeding was i had a twin pregnacy and one baby had dyed before its hear rate was even detectable... its called disaperaing twin syndrom... and its more common the people think... as long as their no blood clots or tissue passing u should be fine.. Best of luck
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Im 6 weeks and 1 day pregnant .. Before I went to the bathroom I felt something coming down.. When I whipped it was brown discharge it was lots.., what does this mean? I don't have any cramping at all.... Right now at least Im just laying down on my back n just taking it easy .. Im just wondering what is that because i've had a misscarrage before
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I just turned 21 september 7th, and was 11 weeks an a half pregnant, I had a miscarriage. I also have a heart murmur so I'm not sure if that could of affected the pregnancy at all. I had bad cramps for 2 days then later that day light bleeding and then started getting heavier like a period. Then middle of the night bad cramping and at 5am I felt liquid rushing out so I got up and ran to the toilet. There I was bleeding a lot felt like my water broke or something but was thin blood rushing out. Then I got clots and big clot then I noticed the sac placenta bag =/ so went to the er.. I never been pregnant before. It was horrible and when they took out of my from what was left of the baby I saw my baby that was 11 weeks was in parts idk how that could have happened? It was a small head then arms or something. But not together.. idk how it would have happened. I was a pescaterian a vegetarian that eats fish. Was starting to eat chicken when I found out I was pregnant at 7 weeks. So I tried to eat small amounts here and there. I just want to know what I could have done wrong or how it could have happened? My heart murmur maybe? A nurse said to see a cardiologist before getting pregnant again she checked my heart beat so I'm worried now.. I had unprotected sex a week an a half after m/c and again when I was 2 weeks after m/c too. I just recently started feeling sick. Upset stomach, pains, nauseous a lot, and dizziness... could I be pregnant even though I bleed two weeks after m/c? I thought the 2nd week of my bleeding was a period starting... =/ I'm nervous cuz my heart and don't want it to affect my body or if being pregnant have a repeat. =(
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