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can i get your opinions

Im 18 years old with a 8 month a little girl, I'm pregnant again I'm 11 weeks and I'm very happy and excited about my babies future with my family ,and when I tell ppl should I Say it with real exciment or no cause of my age , my family is happy but my man's family is happy also I only told my mother in law and she took it werid , like oh okay awkward , and Christmas is coming up and we're gonna do a gender reveal cake  and obviously more ppl will find out , if they say like oh aren't you scared??  Or give me a nasty look like poor you,  should I address it , in front everyone . Cause I have a feeling it won't be congratulations! !!! Yay... more like OH .  AWKWARD.  HOW SHOULD I ACT ? SO I WON'T RUIN ANYTHING
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Maybe put on the cake, please join in our excitement while we announce. . . .that way people know you are excited and would keep your comments to themselves.  people will give you looks, that is just part of human nature, and people will talk ****, and be concerned but that is because they love and care about you.  I am not sure how your family is, but perhaps you should make plans for you and your boyfriend that shows stability, rather engagement, or plans to get married.  That might put some "old fashioned" family members at ease.  
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A baby's always something to be excited and joyous about:) I'd go jntk it being happy, very happy. Screw what other people think. My husband and I got pregnant with our first at 19 years old. We're both 25 now with baby #5 due February 6th. We've had a baby every since we got married. We get horrible comments from strangers at the store, weird looks, especially when we drop our 5 yr old off at school. Even the pediatrician has put her 2 cents in lol. My husbands parents don't talk to me anymore because of our 5th baby but my mother feels super blessed to be a grandmother of 5.  Babies are a blessing from God. You got a little life growing inside you!!! :)
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Enacamel13. Wow beautiful big family , I honestly want a nice bunch also, lmao your man's parents won't talk to you cause of a another life , jeez that's sad, I'm happy your happy, but here's the thing also my daughter is taken well careand she wears 60$ and up , she wears nothing but designer clothing , we don't spoil her on toys but she has plenty we have $$ to raise our babies , I just think I get the poor you look cause of my age , plus his older sister which is 25 dosent even have a boyfriend lol, so I'm way ahead of all 4 brothers and sisters . Idunno I'm just the type of person that will shut down any negative crap towards to me . And I'm scared to be so rude that it awkward at the gender reveal party
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Don't be rude. This is what I do and shuts people up lol. Everytime someone says a negative thing, reply back with a positive like  "I know we're blessed" or something. And just smile. It was take a true jerk tk continue to make negative comments. Family can be too comfortable and comment away. My mother in law decided to say that my husband should make me get an abortion but my husband and I are strongly against abortion. So out of anger I went off at her and stood my ground. She hasn't even come seen our other 4 kids since we were 11 weeks pregnant because of all of this and its sad. She lives 5 minutes way. It's her choice, and shes only hurting her relationship with her grsndcholdren. I'm forgiving her. I understand that people can be extremely rude when you don't listen to their advice or comments but it comes down to it being your life and your choices. You take on what you can handle. Nobody knows you better than you.
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Wow that's crazy, I hope everything works out in the end , I think it's beautiful for a family to expand and for me I think I'll just stay on hush mode , but man I'm so quick ,if I feel any crap towards me and quickly hurt somones feelings . Ima try my hardest not to lol.
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U asked for opions so heres mine..Congrats on the new blessing! Altho I can see y ppl may question ur maturity because u say u spoil ur kid with "designer" n not toys which shud b complete opposite. Kids dnt kno bout name brands n they grow out of it so quickly so thats money WAISTED. Age dnt hve anything 2 do with wen ur ready cuz who really is? its all about doing whats best n makin mature decisions. Dnt worry bout what others think n say. Prove em wrong n enjoy ur pregnancy :)
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Lol yeah true , it's her dad that loves her wearing fashion clothing,  he just loves to dress her up and yeah I'll take that I'ma just enjoy my pregnancy
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