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changed breech position! YAY

So I crawled last night for and hour cuz I heard that helps with turing breech presentation. Well he has been kicking my ribs all day and I am shocked that it worked after one time! I am 24 weeks today and he has been breech since 13 weeks along. I will keep doing it to make sure he stays till he can't turn anymore but i am just excited and the pressure is so much better!
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Well I am glad that you found relief to a baby being in the wrong position but the baby has so much room yet to move he might turn again but at least you know how to correct your little one if it happens again!
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Being in the breech position isn't really a concern since there is so much room to move around until you are about 36 weeks along. Only like 3% of babies don't move out of the breech position by the 38th week.
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I agree with the ladies it's not a big deal yet and he may flip back over...they actually recommend you not encourage flipping because it can cause the cord to twist...usually if he's flipping himself, he's avoiding the cord...but I dunno i guess it's good to learn how :). my son has been flipping back and forth the whole time, lol...sometimes he's kicking up near my stomach, and sometimes his feet are buried in my bladder.
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It's too soon to worry about that! the baby can turn around even if you are 39 or more weeks. My little bro was in the right position right before his mother got into labor and then he turned into a breech position so she had to get a c-section.
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Well my high risk OB said it would be good to try to incourage him to turn as he has never been in the right position. He is facing front too. He said that he has had more success with turning if you can get them to turn and be that way before they have room to go back. (if you can get them to stay in that position. I am having a VBAC so the OB's are not liking it and I do not want them to say I have to have a c-section. Even though depending on the presentaion I will try a vaginal breech before letting them go for surgery as  depending on the presentation it is still riskier to have surgery then go vaginal. So I have to crawl every night till he is big enough to not want to turn. He is a big baby ( I already measured 31 weeks at 23 weeks) since very early on and they might not have sucess with a turn later on or doing the external turn ( I forget what it is called) He also said that there is more chance of compressing the cord the further I get. But yeah it worked so far and he has wanted to turn last night but so far hasn't yet:) OH yeah the OB also said that after you have had a c-section that some babies do not like to lay right and be over the scar, and they see more wrong presentations after a c-section. He does not roll around relly anymore being larger and I really just feel kicks and punches. He will go from back to his side but he does it very slow:)
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