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could I be pregnant

My period was on the 1st and not due again till the 29t. on the 19 i had some light brown spottng. then on the 23rd I had some pinkish red blood only once when I wiped and when I woke up today 25th and wiped there was some pinkish but very light discharge only on the tissue. I went again and it was there but the third time I peed there was nothing.  I am so confused and dont know if this is implantation bleeding or the onset of my period. I have taked 3 test so far with negative results. I am wondering if I just tested too early.  I hope Im preg but dont want to get my hopes up
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It is certainly possible that you are having implantation bleeding.  Although, I think you are wise to be cautious.  Often the home tests won't turn positive until you have actually missed your period, so it will be important to re-test after the 29th if you don't have your normal period.

If you do have your normal period, it might be a good idea to get a check up with your doctor.  Sometimes spotting in between cycles can be a sign of a polyp or other correctable condition that might make it difficult for you to conceive.

Good luck!
Dr B
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I just had a pap and all the std test last month and all was normal. I never spot in between periods. This is just so weird to me. I took another preg. test this morning and still negative
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Hi.. My tubes have been tied and burnt for many years..my period has come early twice for two months and last only 3 days, I normally go 7 days,my period has also been very light, My breast feels as if they are getting bigger and my nipples are tender at times and sort of itch at other times. I have gained weight and omgoodness I love to just sleep, could I be pregnant?
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I would say its possible. My aunt had hers tied and burnt and she still got pregnant 3 more times. one pregnancy was twins! So anything is possible
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Hi Dr B

My periods are very regular and arrive every 4 weeks like clockwork, i got my last period on the 24/7 and it lasted between 4/5 days. The past 2 days my breast have been feeling very tender and when i went to the toilet yesterday there was a brown discharge. Is this normal? Do u think i could be pregnant?
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