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cramping cramping cramping...has any one felt this....and why!!??

hi ladies, i think everyone is going to start to get annoyed with me with all my questions..lol but i gotta another...so my period is due today, its now 8pm here and still nothing... i have always had a 30 day cycle and i know i have to wait but i just want some feed back since i been getting alot of good ones since i joined...

**today i have been having really bad lower cramps (like period is coming) and my back hurts, but im peeing alot more, the inside of my vagina is the part that hurts me the most..  and im a little consitpated, i know these are all signs that can also be a period but has any one ever felt these cramps like this around the time of period and still found out they were pg?? if so how did they feel and how long??? please hlep!...

last period (oct 10)
had sex(oct21)
"spotting" (nov 3)
period due (today the 9th)
symptoms since "spotting" , cramps(mild ones), headache, itchy nose, sneezing,back aches, constipation and loose stools, and a lil more hungry, my boobs havent started to get so sore until today...

soooo am i wrong to believe i could of been pg, and can i still be pg if i have these cramps,
i took a test yesterday at 3 pm and it came out negitive, im hoping it came out like that cause its not FMU...im still waiting to see if it comes, but still that so called "spotting" a week ago is what messed my head up thinking i was.!!>ugh..HELP~!
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Yes those some signs of pregnancy and AF, But to know u must take a pregnancy test if u dnt have ur period. Some people dnt get a positive pregnancy until a week after missed period so dnt count ur self out... Hope u get ur bfp..
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I had very mild "period" cramping for several days before I got my BFP so who knows.  Take a test in the morning and let us know...best of luck to you! :-)  Oh, and the first response tests that you can take 6 days in advance of your period specifically say on the package that you don't have to use FMU to take it if you want to go run out and buy one now.  That's the kind I used just a few weeks ago when I found out I was pregnant..I peed in the middle of the afternoon and was a dark BFP.  What kind of test did you use yesterday?  
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well i know for sure the Answer, EPT and First Response is the best but i now live in israel and all thier test  look soo cheap , all in russian and hebrew, they dont have any of the ones i wrote above here, they all look so cheap and two of them i couldnt even find them on the web..most of them are to be taken the first day of your missed period... so im gonna wait a few more days if it dosent come...

right now i feel alot of bloating , im peeing more, and my cramps are still there...so it could come tonight..

will let you all know..thanks and congrats on ur positive!
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Oh wow, that's crazy.  Well, who knows how well the Russian/Hebrew? pregnancy tests work?  If you don't get your period and it's not positive immediately after, it may take a week to show up...some cheaper ones aren't nearly as sensitive.  Take pics of those crazy tests when you get some and good luck to you! :-)
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thank you sweety, even though i still got cramps im still hoping... :-)
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