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dental problem

So i been 3 day with a toothache. my whole left side is swollen i can't eat i can't talk i cabt eveb turn my head to the side cause it hurts me I'm 15 wks pregnant and i have a problem w my insurance is from.NY and in the state that i live now the doc don't accept it cause is out of state i have and appoitment to chanqe it on November 6 with out that i can't have a prenatal care. I'm in to much pain should i go to emergency or what should i do i been drinking tylenol, oral gel , iron but is not helping at all since i haven't eat nothing i think is causing problem w the baby whatt should i do. HELP please lady's :(
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You need amox 500 its an antibiotic but ask your prenatal doctor bc I domt know if you can take antibiotics when your pregnant ... im a dental assistant and it sounds like you have an absess ans need a root canal ... go to thee emeegency room bc yhat infection is serious you will need a xray of the tooth that is hurting you to see how big the infecrion is. Please get to a doctor soon! They will miggt need to drain the infection if it is visable on your gums. Hope this helps
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Please look my question I posted or let someone know. Thank you
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i had a toothache with my son went to the e.r and they gave me tylenol and amoxacillins and it took the swelling away kinda fast
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This sounds gross but it will help, I do it whenever I get a toothache, get a clove of garlic chop it up really small then put it on a spoon and take it like medicine with water do it once a day and within 2 or 3 days the pain will be gone or eased, it helps get rid of infection which usually is what causes the pain
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Why won't a dentist prescribe antibiotics or pull a infected tooth
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You need to get it sorted somehow. I am from Australia &our health system is quite different so I'm not sure how hard it will be for you. Serious infection coming from a bad tooth can cause growth problems for bubba or set off preterm labour.
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This is kinda weird, but my teeth are crumbling out of my mouth! I have exposed nerves all over and the other night I was eating some cooked rice and I broke another tooth! The broken pieces and the what's left in my mouth, crumble like chalk.
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If Ur face is swollen U need to get to a dentist ASAP. That's an infection that they can give U antibiotics for then treat the tooth that is giving U issues. If it's infected (abscessed/swollen) it will not get better on it's own.
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