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depo provera

Have any of you guys gotten pregnant while using some type of birth control??
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not me.. but FYI I HATED depo. I was on that **** for about 3 yrs. it was horrible, I gained 50lbs and had all sorts of side effects.(I managed to lose 20 or so)

BUT i was one of those women who got their period the next month after missing/stopping their shot. I wound up getting on Nuvaring for 3 mo. started gaining weight w/that, and got off all bc to use Natural Family Planning instead.

Well... It worked for about 2 mo. until DH decided to mess around w/out protection 3 days before O. why do you ask???

(BY the way, i've seen women get pg. on Loestren(sp?) and some others.) Depo is the only one i've heard of ppl not getting pg. easily on.
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I ask because I've recently had two friends tell me they got pregnant while on depo.  I thought that it was one of the only birth control methods that prevented pregnancy the most...
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well that means either your two friends didn't get their shots on time (at abotu 2mo 3weeks after their first) or that if they're just starting depo they didn't give it a week to 10days to work.

It does work, believe me. I was on it for 3 yrs like i said. and never got pregnant. never even had a scare. They say you need your next shot at 3 mo. well, dr. told me to get it at every 11weeks. that way there's a safe cushion.

it sucked being on it but it worked.

Another thing that works well from what I hear is Implanon* it's a birth control that is implanted in your arm and works for 5 yrs.
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I had my first 3 children while on birth control. My first I was using the pill, and got pregnant after a year of being on the medication. My oldest son was concieved on the patch. And my youngest son was concieved again on the pill.

I had used Depo for 3 years and never had any issues. I didnt gain wait, or anything. The only minor side effects I did have was mild cramping after the shot, and headaches. Although once I got off depo that was different. My hair started to fall out, I gained weight, headaches were worse and so on.

This pregnancy happened 2 months after being off birth control completely, and while hubby had a vesectomy. So the only real birth control i think is no sex.....which is damn near impossibale lol.

I do not plan on any birth control after this pregnancy either, as hopefully my husbands vasectomy has finally worked. We had sex 4 days after he had the surgery, and it wasnt advised we had sex until 6 weeks after the procedure lol, so my doc said we got what we deserved for not waiting lol

5w5d with twins!
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