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I have been battling depression majority of my pregnancy and I'm jw how many of you ladies have taken antidepressants while pregnant. Its a scary idea to me but I have tried counciling and herbal remedies with little to no help... I just want to feel happy again...
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I haven't tried antidepressants but I had luck wirh hypnotherapy.  I've also had people tell me that kinesiology and acupuncture can work wonders bur I haven't tried as yet.  Also dietary changes have made a difference like lessening fat and caffeine intake and boosting my omega 3 intake (this helps with balancing your hormones). Good luxk with whatever you decide.
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Hello. I'm not currently pregnant but I'm trying to conceive and I currently am working to live with my bipolar disorder, also called being manic depressive. If you do not currently have or see a psychiatrist please see one asap. Depression can make us not take proper care of ourselves and while staying med free for the baby seems like the best idea, sometimes living better on medication is better than going without it and possibly allowing yourself to live unhealthy. I know I forget my vitamins, forget to eat healthy, sometimes don't get out of bed or shower when depressed and that isn't good when carrying a child. By talking openly and honestly with a psychiatrist you could find a way to treat your depression AND have a healthy happy baby. Also I highly recommend not using ANY herbal remedies before taking to a doctor and having them approve it. Some herbs can be as harmful as a prescribed medication to an unborn child. I know I will continue to take medication prescribed by my well informed psychiatrist during my pregnancy. I know it will help me take better care of myself and my child.
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I'm currently receiving counselling and am 21w pregnant suffering with severe depression and anxiety. Both my GP and counsellor have recommended I take medication again but have refused due to the fact I do not want that going into my child. If I still feel bad after I have given birth them may see about medication again but that's just my view. If you want to take meds then have a talk to your doctor and see which are safest to take during pregnancy or see if they can recommend any other alternatives :) good luck and I hope you feel better soon
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All of the herbal remedies were recommended by my midwife. She suggested today acupuncture but I am skeptical plus my ins won't pay for that. I'm running out of options. I so want to be that happy healthy mom you see walking down the street so proud and glowing but I'm not. I'm sad all the time my anxiety and depression are affecting my work and home life. Nothing seems to help... I feel bad for my husband cause I take it out on him which isn't fair. Ugh it was never this bad until about 2 mo into my pregnancy things just went haywire and I'm trying to keep it all under control.
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I had severe depression for the first 9weeks of pregnancy. I also suffered from hallucinations. I have a history of depression going back to my teens since losing my mum to cancer as a child an it never really went away even in adult hood.. there was always some issue with my mental health from parania to anxiety.. I never really felt any peace for most of my life..even though I was on the meds.. I chose not to take in pregnancy as much as I was suffering because I believed I would get bettr an it did. I did not want to go down that route of taking meds again. I think the only thing which can also fight depression is having lotz of support and love.. I also would reccommend counseling.
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