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what diapers do you like best?  I'd like to try to save as much $$$$$ as possible, but I don't want super plasticky ones that leak either.  I thought I'd start to stock up a bit on a few different sizes.  

when I had my daughter 5 yrs ago, I used the white cloud ones from walmart.  I really liked them & they are affordable.  I don't see them at the walmart in our town.  are they still being made?  If they are at another walmart, I would travel to get them.

Perhaps cloth diapers???  do they really save $$$$????  I pay for city water.  will all the washing & soaking cost as much.  I also think I would work after the baby is here (as I like having more $$$$ in our family), so ate cloth diapers a lot more time consuming?
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I was wondering about the cloth diapers as well, not all the way cloth, but something like flip, or bum genius.... hmm, i will pay attention to this post. All i know is you have to read many reviews and figure out the best way to save $ but for it to be practicle as well..
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I have never heard of flip or bum genius.......

I just googled white cloud & found they were discontinued.   bummer.

anyone like luvs???  they seem a bit cheaper.
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I have heard bum genius are really good, never tried them, but I have always heard good things.
I only used luvs when my son got older because they were less expensive and he wouldn't pee as much during the day. Never tired them for a newborn, so not sure if they would leak or not. I have always had issues with diapers, and tried a couple of different brands and I have to say I am most satisfied with pampers at least for sizes N-3. They always worked so well, but I know they can be pricy. This time around, I am going to try an organic brand. My mom found some coupons, so I am stepping out and trying something new again.
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Oh no!! I too used white cloud. They were great! I can't believe they discontinued them. That really stinks!!!

Looks like I need to follow this thread as well to get some ideas on a new brand. Thanks for asking about this Vacuumprincess!!
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I actually spend a few weeks at Wal Mart asking a few moms in the diaper isle what brand they prefered. I didn't stand there for hours...just mosied over there a few weeks in a row to see what everyone prefered. Also, I asked my budget concious sisters what they use. The most popular answer I got was that many moms use pampers or huggies for a few weeks, then they "live, learn, and Luvs" because they work just as good and they are less expensive. So, I have stocked up on Luvs. I hear that the Parents Choice brand is accpetable when they get older, but in the beginning babies tend to pee through them. Good luck picking a brand for now! :)
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White Cloud is discontinued but I have great success with Parents Choice from Walmart. They are very affordable and I like them better than the others with this baby. Also their side flaps seem to stretch better.
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Can't remember the name but Costco sells cheap, well made diapers.
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If i dont use "flip" or bum genius then I HAVE to try cosco brand of diapers. I heard they are wonderful. And when you buy in bulf they are really cheap too.

*I* personally LOVE LOVE LOVE pampers swaddlers.... Id use them for my daughter for nighttime-IF they made them bigger then a sze 2. They are THE softest diapers I have EVER used.
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I just did a quick search and visited a few websites in search of "the best cheap diaper". LOL!

It seems that Wal-Mart's Parent Choice and Target's Up & Up brand seem to be very well liked and many Mom's said they were equal to or better than name brand diapers. I did some quick number crunching and for Newborn diapers the Parent Choice is slightly cheaper than the Up & Up. But for size 1, the Up & Up is cheaper than the Parent Choice. However, the cost difference in either size is only about $.01 per diaper. So, whichever store is closest to you is the brand I would consider giving a try.
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I LOVE the Up&Up from target.  They work better for my daughter than the pampers do.  Very reasonably priced.  I got a box of 144 for 19.99 today.  
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I'm using the huggies snugglers for DD who is almost 2 weeks old, a friend of mine got me a huge box before she was born and i like the newborn partially because they have the little cut out for where their umbilical cord is, now that hers has fallen off doesnt do me any good but i like the snugglers regardless. I'm not sure what I'm going to buy after this box runs out.  I've used both parents choice and Up&Up with DS who is now 2. Parents choice were good up until  either im not sure if they changed something or when they went to size 5 i had to change him constantly or he's pee through them and ended up not saving money on them at all since i went through them faster. I've never used Up&Up in the smaller sizes but i like them for DS during the day, i've had a few problems with them at night, probably 4-5 nights out of 2-3 months he leaks through them in the middle of the night, but overall i've been pretty happy with them. I'm most likely going to buy DD Up&Up for DD when this box of huggies snugglers runs out in newborn and try them, she's a little skinny butt so she'll most definitely need newborn still this time next week, i have half a box left. If i can find this post when i get them ill let you know how the newborns in Up&Up work out. I definitely like the snugglers though, really soft and stretchy, no leaks so far even after a would of been explosive diaper lol.
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I'm using huggies and pampers for my DD right now. I'm quite taken with them as a friend bought the parent's choice diapers and I trashed them. She leaked through them and it was just a mess.
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