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do dogs pose a threat to pregnant womens health?

I want to know if dogs carry any desease that may cause health risks for me or my growing baby. Im asking because my dog licks me in the mouth
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No..and eww you shouldnt let ur dog lick ur mouth because they do lick themselves
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My dog always steps on me bc hes still a puppy but other than that its fine to have a dog. Some say theu can hear the babys heart beat after i think its like 20 weeks and they are usually very protective
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Dogs are fine just make sure if they are big dogs they don't step on your belly I have a 80lb pitbull and she's very cuddly and always wants to lay on me also I've heard to avoid walking them if they pulla lot but Def wouldnt let her lick the inside of my mouth regardless if I was pregnant or not... Make sure your dog is also up to date on vaccinations (: other than that dogs are great and I love having my puppy around she's like a baby to me :p
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Dogs are safe but cats are dangerous to pregnancy they carry many parasites that can harm your baby
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Dogs and cats are fine to have. You just have to stay away from the cats litter box. My cat is very protective over me. She has to stay with me almost all the time, she even checks up on me while I am taking a shower, especially when my fiance is not home.
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I work at an Animal Hospital and the thing you should be worried about are worms make sure your pet is dewormed..Round worms can be transmitted from pets to humans..you cannot see them or know your pets has them unles you look at their stool through a microscope.
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Sorry but thats gross letting ur dog french u. I love my dog and she licks my hand sometimes and I give her pecks on the top of the head plenty of affection that way u should be fine just keep ur pup utd on all shots flea tick control and worming
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dogs lick there doggy parts and they are like humans they leak there doggy fluids. and when they poo they cant wipe there bums like we can thats why dogs lick themselves they are cleaning themselves...I personally wouldnt ever let a dog near my mouth. but you are free to do as you wish!
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