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dr. says "blighted ovum." when will i miscarry?

hi girls,

i'm so sad to announce that the dr. confirmed a blighted ovum.  i had an u/s done a few days ago and my sac measures almost 8 weeks, no fetal pole in sight.  i'm completely devastated.  i don't know how women go thru this more than one time, it's so heartbreaking!  i feel for all of you that have miscarried.  

i have a few questions.  i was too upset in the doctors office and was only half listening to what he said.  he encouraged me to get a d&c.  i told him i'd rather m/c naturally.  he said many women go the d&c route so they don't have to go thru the pain of waiting and obtain quicker closure.  do you think i'm making the right choice by waiting?  when will i start bleeding?  i have no signs of spotting, cramping or anything.  i feel totally fine physically.  once i start bleeding, how long will it last?  will my cycle go back to normal?
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hey hun im so sorry your going through this. i can't imagine how hard that is. im not sure about all of your questions, but in my personal opinion i think going the natural route is best, just in case. im sure if the doctor says blighted ovum then that is what it is, but i would feel more comfortable if i were you just letting it happen naturally. as far as when you will start bleeding it can happen anytime or even take several weeks. you just have to be patient. im not sure about any of the other questions, im sorry to not be of more help.
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I am so sorry to hear this!  I had a blighted ovum nov 09.  It was confirmed just before 7 weeks and began my miscarriage at just before 9 weeks.  Generally you bleed for about 10 days.  mine was odd though.  I bled for about 5 days really heavy and had an ultrasound on day 5 and the doc said I had at least another week left judging by what was left.  I bled for two more days and it stopped.  4 weeks later I thought I was having a period, bled for 7 days which was long, then 4 days later bled for another 5.  when I called about it she said the first bit was the last of the miscarriage and I got a period immediately following.  I had one more cycle on jan 24 and conceived on 2/6.  I look at my son now and thank God that I got to have this particular little guy.  good luck to you.  
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Im so sorry you are going through this.  I think you need to make the decision that feels right for you.  Bleeding should last days to a week or two.  Some women ovulate in the cycle right after a MC.
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krissyy...i am so sorry you are going through this. Bleeding from a m/c can last anywhere from a couple days to over a week....and its all in when your body decides to start. I think you are making the right decision in letting your body do it naturally.....but it is YOUR decision and yours alone.

You are in our thoughts and prayers.
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thank you everyone.  i just feel so normal now, i have a hard time believing it will actually happen.  but i guess the placenta, etc, has to come out somehow so i guess if there is no baby, it's definitely happening.  it's a terrible thing to dread and know is coming to you.  

i'm very grateful for all of your support and imput.  i'm clueless, this is my first (and hopefully last) m/c.  this wasn't a planned pregnancy, but my husband and i do plan on trying again after.
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I dont want to get your hopes up either....but there is also the possibility of later ovulation and there have been many misdiagnosed miscarriages...although it sounds to me that the doctors are pretty sure.

Until I had my first (and only) miscarriage, I had no clue how many women out there go through it. That is when I found medhelp. I was looking for answers...and found and overwhelming amount of women who go through m/c's multiple times....and many are unexplained. It did help me alot to know I wasnt alone and that sometimes, these things just happen. My miscarriage came after 3 years of trying.....and it was hard..but 5 months later, I was pregnant again and have a beautiful 1 year old daughter, as you have Skye.....and she sure is getting big by the pictures!

Keep us updated as to how you are doing.....and know.....that we are here if you need to talk.
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well, i just started my m/c today.  i'm really glad i decided to wait to do it naturally.  as sad as i am, i have come to accept it and really look forward to closure.  this pregnancy was an accident but my husband and i plan to start trying again as soon as my cycle resumes.  

thank you for all of the comments and support.
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