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So bare with me as I can't Recall from science back in the day but I have blue eyes and my husband has brown. Our first baby has brown eyes. Is it more likely our second child will carry brown eyes as well or is there a good chance our baby could have blue eyes like mine
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Better chance of brown eyes than blue since brown is a dominant color. I was hoping our little one would have blue eyes like me, but who knows. Brown eyes are super dominated in hubby's side, he has brown but his family are a variety, not a definite brown. My dad's side are all blue eyes because both grandparents are blue, and all their kids, plus grandkids and great grandkids. My mom's side are blue but my mom's are green. So it varies. But it's more likely for brown than blue any time it is presented.
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My dad has blue eyes and my mom has hazel eyes.  We came out brown, blue, brown, blue.  It's going to be luck of the draw, I think.
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Blue is a recessive gene, brown is a dominent gene. If your husband carries the gene for blue as well, then a blue eyed baby is possible. You carry blue/blue gene. It is possible he carried brown/blue or brown/brown.
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Brittany,  is there anyone in his immediate family or grandparents who have any other eye color than brown?
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Neither me or my boyfriend have blue eyes but we both carry the gene (him from his dad and me from my grandpa) and my son has blue eyes (: anythings possible really, I believe you just both have to carry the recessive nlue eyed gene
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My husband has black hair and deep dark almost black brown eyes. I have dark black hair and green eyes.

We have a blue eyed, blonde child lol. My husband literally thought I had an affair for months because our son looks NOTHING like us. At all.
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I have blue my husband eyes are brown my oldest daughter eyes came out hazel my second daughter has blue
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