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fair and early pregnacy

So we had already planned a trip to the state fair monday..i have been so excited about this fair lol...well i found out this week im preg..im between 5-6 weeks. I know alot of woman **** even know they are preg at this point but since i do i need to know....can i ride the rides? Not anything to bumpy or that spins super fast..but yes upside down and some high rides that go in circles...i plan on taking something for the naseaua. Im not trying to risk anything buy with my 9 month old i stressed about everything and was worried all the time...so this time i want to relax and have fun...and enjoy pregnancy. Now if i was in my 2nd trimester i would not ask this but im thinking the baby is the size of a dot can it really hurt him?
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Best to speak to the doctor but its you body and you know it best...
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You said "him"!!! Honestly I wouldn't mostly because the rides tend to have something going across your abdomen, and even if it doesn't LOOK like it's going to be bumping you or anything like that, it's probably not a good idea just in case. AND when you're going on the upside down ones, I know on me at least the lap bars press up against me pretty tight, and being upside down with gravity pulling you in the other direction, whatever is on your lap is going to be pushing harder. They tell women who are pregnant and get in car accidents to go to the ER to get checked, even early pregnancies, and even if they aren't that bad. I know they're fun and it only comes once a year in some places, but better safe than sorry. Just my opinion...If it was something that Bella could ride, like a really slow roller coaster, one of the kids ones I wouldn't THINK it would hurt you, but I don't know if I'd chance it.
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lol with both my kids i went on ride with my son at the fair and with my daughter i went to west ed lol both times i was about 12 weeks nothing to crazy but spinny ones and a small rollercoaster and stuff :)
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Wow...when i asked the dr she said go ahead...she said they are unsafe aftet 12 weeks cause the placenta could come apart...thank you girls for answering!!!!!!
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its the weekend and not many people respond but if i were in your shoes and knowing i was preg i would not take any chances....im a worryer though and every little thing from the BFP to the birth worries me....i would never want something hanging over my head

its your personal decision...i see your point but diff people will feel diff ways

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okay i know you got the go ahead for the rides but you said you planned on taking something for the nausea... just checking to make sure but you are talking about something approved by your Dr right? like not gravol or anything that can harm the baby...
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I went on the zipper with my 1st pregnancy before I found out! He's 6 now. Although I wouldn't wanna risk it, but I'm sure some would be safe. I read stories about not knowing an being kicked off horses and everything be fine. I don't think we're as fragile as they make it out to be.
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I have my precription from when i was pregnant with my last one...but i did think about drenamine"sry dont know how to spell it"  but i would double check before taking anything...
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A lot of people don't even know they are pregnant at 6 weeks. I saw if your Socorro gave you the OK then go for it. Its not even like the baby is in your stomach yet but rather below your pubic bone.
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Wow phone.

*I think if your DOCTOR
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lol okay good, i figured cause this  isnt your first pregnancy that you would know better but some ppl are pretty clueless out there so i had to double check just to be on the safe side...
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Lol yes i said him hehehe...i am so praying for a boy. I love my girls to death but i need a mamas boy :)
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I went to Disneyland when I was about 4 weeks. Rode everyy ride knowing I was pregnant. (:
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