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first appointment?

I have my first doctors appointment next week. what should I expect? like what all happens at the first appointment?
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i can't believe not one person has answered. lol guess I'll just have to wait and see. don't think I'll be getting on this app anymore. congrats to all the moms to be:)
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How far along are you? If you're between 6-8wks they might do an virginal ultrasound so be prepared for that, was a surprise the first time! My dr also confirmed my due date using this scan. They might also do a pelvic exam, weigh you, go over your medical history, check your blood pressure and order some blood tests. Now is a good time to bring up any concerns. Good luck momma!
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thanks for your response❤ and im currently 5 weeks but by the time of my appoint I'll be exactly 6 weeks!
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Whoa, leaving the app after half an hour without response?? This is a busy board... sometimes you have to bump a post and be patient. Plenty of people aren't on all day long and maybe nobody saw your post the first time around.
First appointment varies a LOT by provider. Sometimes you'll get a full physical exam with PAP smear and breast exam plus blood draws and a urine specimen, some doctors do an ultrasound at 5-6 weeks and some wait till 13. Some docs will see you to confirm pregnancy at 4-5 weeks with blood or urine test and talk about diet and exercise and prenatal vitamins and some docs don't bother with a confirmation because home tests are accurate and trust that you'll read up on what to do in early pregnancy and don't schedule a first appointment until 10-12 weeks. Sometimes you won't even see a doctor the first time and will just get weight and blood pressure and a full medical history and lifestyle questionnaire taken by a medical assistant or nurse. The best way to know what YOUR practitioner will do is to call and ask or wait and see. Take a list of any and all medications you're taking (or better yet bring the bottles with you) and know your family history. They may want to do a vaginal exam or ultrasound so avoid intercourse for 48 hours before your appointment, and they'll likely take a urine specimen so drink lots of water before you go in. If you have questions, write them down so you don't forget.
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Oh yeah and if you haven't had a pap smear in a while they might make you do that too! Starts to really feel real after this appointment :)
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Vaires by provider.  My first appointment was called my prenatal interview.  They took blood tests and made me drink a glucose drink to test for diabetes.  I was weighed and had to pee in a cup.  Then we sat with the nurse and she introduced us to what the practice offered and what my insurance covered.  I didn't get my first ultrasound until my second visit.  Along with a pap and she examined my cervix.  At first we thought that I was 11w along.  So she did a vaginal ultrasound.  But it turned out that I was 14w and she had to switch to my abdomen because the baby was so big.  
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okay, thanks everyone:)
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