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for anyone thats had a baby :)

i will try to explain this the best i can although it may be tmi lol sorry!!  i am 31 weeks preggs,the last week ive been realy not well or just realy not myself and alot of pains and discomfort. i have 5 children already, now when i walk im getting a feeling thats worrying me. you know the kind of twinge,discomfort,funny kinda feeling you get right down there,when ur just due and ready to pop??  its like you can feel the baby right there between your legs and when you walk,you kinda feel like your going to wet yourself but you think maybe your waters are about to brake?? i know it sounds mad you probly dont know what im trying to explain but i normally get this the week im due,must be from pressure and the baby ready to come out... but im getting it now at just 31 weeks.did anyone ever have this at this stage, do you think theres a problem?
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I had all preterm babies 4 so far and that is NOT a good feeling! trust yoru instincts! It saved my third as I was already in the hospital and just 2 min after beigng taken off the fetal monitor and I said somethign was wrong and they refused to hook me back up for another 40 min. I called my OB office and they had a biophysical profile done and she got a 2 out of 10 and jsut for fliud levels. She as taken by emergency c-section 26 min aftr I told the nurse and  was having trouble breathing, if I had waited she would of been dead! It may e nothing but always trust your feelings over anything else!!!!! I had thoose feeling with my last 4 but not this time at all and everything has gone perfect. You might need to be on bed rest!
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I had that feeling at 32 weeks, and was 2 cm and 80% effaced until they induced me at 34 weeks due to 3cm dilated and 90% effaced and my water was low. I was leaking for a bit lol.

The pressure was great for those last 3 weeks and whenever I stood up I thought the baby would fall out of me, but she never did lol. Labor went fast, took me less than an hour to go from 3-10 cm and 3 hours of labor. Not bad for my first kid :D

So I would certainly see your gyno and have your cervix looked at to see if your plug is small or if you are dilated at all. Tell them about the pressure you are feeling.

When i was about 30 weeks my gyno wrote me a perscription for the belly band which did help relieve some of the pressure.
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i am feeling so much pressure down there and the baby moving,i usually dont feel that untill the week im due.when you know in your body and heart not to go to far because it feels like the baby is ready to just fall out!!! ive had no preterm at all,all over due, so thats why im getting abit worried,and im not the type to worry about every little thing,not when ive already had 5!!  do you know the pysical twinges im talking about? very hard to explain. but yes i do think we know are own bodies,i have my appionment on friday,if im still here by then il say it to the doc.. thanks 30somthing
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yeah thats the way i feel, and it makes me nervous as when i go into to labour i i deliver within an hour or 1 hour 30 mins.. its very quick, but im always over due and expecting it, where as now im not and on edge!!   i am also getting sooo much cm the last week or so, i dont know if thats anything, and leaking when i cough or sneeze, i only ever got this at the end too.. its nasty!!   but thanks for the comments, taught i was just being paroniod,il say it to my doc and see what he says.maybe my womb is weak after so many pregnancies lol
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I wouldnt wait till friday, I would call my Ob and tell them the way you feel and see what they say. Better safe then sorry. Even though I have read that the more babies you have the weaker your muscles down there can be, maybe that is what it is your muscles are weaker so your carrying the baby lower. But I would def tell your Ob just in case. But I hope that its nothing!! Good lluck and keep us informed!
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Pelvic floor pressure is normal. Considering you're on baby #6 the muscles of your uterus have been stretched out so your belly is probably lower. You can bring it up to your doctor and take it easy! Good luck!
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Having 5 kids has raelly taken a toll on your insides, your ligaments arent' as stretchy, they tear easier and have a harder time supporting your uterus.  You are most likely feeling extra pressure from the weight of the uterus along with the aches and pains from over stretched ligaments.  I am on my 8th pregnancy...if all goes well this will be my 6th to go to full term.  I'm 13 wks and I'm already feeling the affects of having been pregnant so many times.  If it concerns your talk with your ob about it.
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I know exaaactly what you're talking about. I feel better now that I'm not the only one =) I've been getting pelvic pressure with this pregnancy from about 7 months. It got really worse once I hit about 32 weeks. In the middle of the night, I can't even get up. It seems like when I'm asleep in one position it gets even worse. It sends like a dull pain down there and it takes me about 5 minutes to get up slowly from laying down to sitting up. Then about another 5 mintues from sitting up to standing up. I'm past my due date, which was yesterday, and the pressure is just really really bad now. This may sound crazy, but I heard my bone crack down there a few times. I asked my doctor because I never had this kind of pain with my son and he said it's perfectly normal. It sounds like when you crack your knuckle, so I kinda freaked out when I heard it in that area. And yes, it feels like her head is right there! When I walk, when I sit...it's really uncomfortable.
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