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gaining weight

I'm 22 Weeks and i've gained 31 lbs altogether, its that a good thing? This is my first pregnancy.
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Just depends. All bodies are different.
Im 27 weeks and have gained 35.
I was underweight when I found out I was pregnant though. Now im just regular size with too big of a damn butt.
Just make sure you're eating healthy.
(I know, easier said then done)
I don't eat allll that healthy, but I try.
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Yeah I'm eating healthy and taking my vitamins, I was just a little concerned.I'm mostly belly and  butt so I understand that lol are you having a boy? They say boys give you huge butts which I believe cuz I have both:-)
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I am having a boy. I am 25weeks and have gained 21lbs. Mainly in my butt and hips. :(
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I'm 36 weeks, gained 40 lbs. LOL depressing I still have one more month
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Everyone is different I'm 25 weeks too n I've only gained 4 pds so far.
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Oh man that's scary. I'm 4 weeks and i'm hungry a lot. Lol. Maybe morning sickness will kick in and i'll stop being such a piggy all the time. Lol.
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Im 36 weeks expecting a girl n I have gained 32lbs n I feel like a pig lol
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I'm not really sure. I lose a lot of weight in my first trimester so it's hard to really say how much I gain. With my son I lost 30 then gained back 20. And with my current pregnancy I am 22 weeks and having a girl and lost 20 and have gained back 5 so far. But my normal weight is around 185 so my dr doesn't usually worry about it too much. With my son I was all belly. And with this one it's spread out between my stomach sides and hips :/
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Everyone is different, Im 20 wks and lost 12 lbs my first trimester and have only gained 2 back. I'm scared to gain a lot of weight, I was about 60 lbs over weight when I got prego and I don't want to have to work even harder once I have the baby to get in better shape. I work a very active job though, and am starting a prenatal pilates routine today so hopefully I can keep my weight down the next 5 months (:
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Everyone is different. Depending on your stsrtin weight, your height and activity level, thats what will determine a healthy weight gain for you. And as long as you're eating healthy that's what matters most. I'm 23 weeks and have gained 10-11 lbs so far. I'm 5'3" and was 120-125 lbs before I got pregnant, and my goal is to keep my weight gain to 25-35 lbs over my entire pregnancy.
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31 pounds at 21 weeks is definitely higher than most, but a few different factors will play into role with it. On average you will gain 25-35 pounds through the entire pregnancy if you were at a normal weight pre-pregnancy. Underweight you would gain 35-45 pounds, overweight 10-15 (or it might be 15-20). If your doctor isn't concerned, I would not be.
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hi there this is my 5th baby and this time round iv only gained 14lb but iv craved only fruit and veg so thats helped a huge amount :) im 34 weeks
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