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gender of baby

I'm currently 25 weeks and 6 days pregnant with my second. I had an ultrasound done at 16 weeks and the lady said that she didn't see any boy parts but she said that she was 75% that the baby was a girl. Can boy parts still appear? Or am I having a girl? I can't have another ultrasound done due to insurance
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When she said she cannot see boy parts she probably meant that with the position the baby was in she wasn't able to see anything. So it really isn't about them "appearing" but being able to see them in the monitro due to the babies position.

I believe doctors cannot say that they are 100% positive on gender in case they are wrong so maybe 75% is as far up as she is allowed to say.

Either was I wouldn't worry about it. If you are concerned maybe try to find somewhere to take a blood test just to make sure.
She is able to say and the position of the baby was clear enough to see the gender. She just couldn't see any no parts
Cause I'm dying to know if it's a boy or girl so I can finish baby shopping
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Pay for one
Idk how much it is
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I would say it's a girl then boy parts start forming at 13weeks I'm pretty sure
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She might not have physically been able to see the parts on the most it or because of the babies position .
I would definitely stick to neutral baby colors just in case!
The position was fine you could easily tell what the sex would be
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There not actually allowed to tell you about the sex before 20 weeks,  this is the earliest you can tell without going for a private scan which is detailed. Please just take it as you don't know the gender, my friend was told she was having a girl. She gave birth to a boy, xx
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My sons were obviously boys at 16weeks. If the baby was positioned well and no boy parts were visible you should assume it's a girl.  But nature is weird so there is never a guarantee of anything.
The baby was positioned good.
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I wouldn't take a 75% it's a girl. My doctor said she wasn't gunna say unless she was 100% what it was.you can pay for one or do the 3d one where I live its like $250 if you really want to know for sure you should pay to find out or if not buy neutral clothes cause even at 75% thats not high enough of a positive answer it wouldn't be for me. Good luck.
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Okay, so if the baby was positioned fine and you could easily tell the sex, like I'm seeing you tell so many people, then I am confused on what the question is.  If the baby was positioned good and you could see private parts, then it is probably a girl.  Nothing is guaranteed,  like the others have said but my boy was clearly a boy at 16 weeks.  And getting him to position correctly was a challenge.  They should have given you ultrasound pics showing you why they say girl.  Anyways, all the best to you hun.
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But you can go with another ultrasound on your own expenses.
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I had 2 different pregnancies that I seen the genders early.  1 at 15 weeks and 1 at 16 weeks,  they both were right for me I had a girl for each 1.
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