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ges sac n yolk sac at 6 weeks 2 days but no fetal pole or heart beat

Hi, I tested positive for pregnancy after 10 days of missed period i.e. 20th august 2011. my LMP was 10th july 2011 (i have a 30-31 day cycle)

When i went to see my doctor on 22nd august,my hcg level was found to be 16439 and progesterone was 11.51 (in range) which she said was low. My TSH was normal at 3.6. I have been on eltroxin 25 mg for a month now since my TSH was detected to be 5 and 5.5 (tests done at interval of 3 weeks)

I went for an ultrasound on 23rd (6 weeks 2 days) and the report said " gravid uterus with a single intrauterine gestational sac. margins of sac are regular. a small pocket of subshorionic collection is seen around the sac. a small yolk sac is identified. no fetal pole is observed. no fetal cardiac activities is identified.the measurements are gestational sac 14.6 mm and yolk sac 3.9mm. a repeat scan is recommended to assess viability"

The doctor said it could be a missed miscarriage but called me for a repeat scan after 2 weeks. she prescribed me duphaston 3x a day and 4 ovitrelle injections to be given over these 2 weeks i.e. in the meantime.

I feel strong nausea since last 2 weeks although i had lot of breast soreness and slight nausea from before which the doctor says is a good sign.But she says to wait for a repeat scan to be sure as she says the baby should have been visible and heartbeats too at 6 weeks.

I have no signs of miscarriage so far. Can anyone advise me what my chances are of a successful pregnancy?

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I also had a scan last week at 6 weeks 3 days. And I only had a gest and yolk sac. They told me it measured 6weeks but I had no fetal pole or heartbeat. My hcg levels have been doubling and my doc said we should have seen something then but that she wasn't too concerned. She said it could be twins, the baby is hiding, or the equipment is not advanced enough to see.. I did have a vag u/s. I go for another scan Thursday. She told me I should defintely see something then but I'm scared.. I also have some nause occasionally and very sore breasts. I've not had any bleeding either. I hope that both our babies are fine!! Maybe they are just not ready to show themselves.. Good luck to you!
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To both ladies, keep positive! to see the yolk sac is a very very good sign! if you ovulated slightly later than usual that could be the reason the baby's hb has not been detected yet.
With my 4th pregnancy (which was also my first successful one) I was scanned early at 6 weeks, yolk sac, gest sac were seen, but as the gest sac was roughly shaped and measuring 1 mm, yes 1 whole mm than it should have for my gestation I was told I had another blighted ovum. A very uncaring registrar shuffled me into a side room, asked me why I was there so early (hadn't bothered reading my notes about 3 previous losses) and then suggested I have a d&c as it looked like I had another blighted ovum and best to "get it out now" were her exact words (which she offered me for the next day!) I flatly refused and requested a repeat ultrasound a week later....glad I did. Our baby's hb was seen almost straight away and she is now 6 1/2 years old. My daughter was actually only measuring 6 weeks at the repeat scan a week later, I must have ovulated later than usual accounting for no fetal pole at the first scan.
If you are still having symptoms, then hold out for that next scan. Chances are you will both see your baby's and heartbeats next time.
Best wishes to you both.
Love you ma thank you for your suggestions me and my wife got very happy even today we also faced same situation.
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thank u both ladies for your comments.

dear snagglepuss1 your words give me a lot of courage and hope.thank you from heart.

dear Ajames9, i too am going for a scan this thursday so i am praying to God that both of us get good results. like you i have been very anxious all this time but i have read more on this site and others since yesterday and have found women who have seen hb as late as 10 weeks.so let us hope for the best. I am sure God will help us.
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At 6 weeks its too early to see a hb and fetal pole -- its simply so small. I had a scan at 5 weeks and 3 days and all they saw was the sac, then at 8 weeks they saw the baby and heartbeat. So try not to worry! Good luck!
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@hope16 I see you said you had a positive hpt after 10 days missed period. Did you test before that and get a negative? I ask because I'm 9 days late, I tested negative at 7days late and don't plan to test again til Thursday at the doctor.
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Hi Jojonyc, i tested at 10 days only..my doctor tells me that period dates can vary by upto 1 week..so i didnt even think i could be pregnant before 1 week..we have been ttc for almost a year now...i had almost lost hope...
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I am 9 week 6 days pregnant according to my last date but scan is showing fetal pole of 6 week 2 days crl- 5 mm but no fetal cardiac activity
What does it mean. I am so worried
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i know this is old but did everything work out? im in the same position right now appt is tm and im so nervous
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