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getting pregnant after removing mirena

hi, i'm 27 years old. i have a 6 year old daughter and i have had mirena since 1/27/08.  for the last few months i haven't had my period. i would just stop here and there.  i got my period on 11/13/08. it wasn't heavy but its the first time it resembled a period. it was redish brown but enough to have to use a pad. 11/14/08 i got my iud taken out in hopes to get pregnant.  will i be ovulation around 11/27 or will it throw me off course when getting it removed?  before i had mirena, i ovulated like clock work. i knew when i was getting my period to the day every month. i got pregnant with my daughter immediately
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Hi!  Lucky you to have such a faithful system!  
If the manufacturers of the IUD are correct, (in my experience they have been) you should be getting a period within 4-6 weeks after removal. Having it removed should not interfere with ovulation, so if you don't get your period on schedule, first thing to check is a pregnancy test.

Good luck!

Dr B
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i woke up this morning and my period was gone.  yesterday it was heavy. i went to be and woke up to nothing.  can this be considered a regular period or can i be expecting another one.  my period usually lasts 4-5 days before having the iud inserted.  i haven't really had a period since i think may so i don't know.  
i ordered ovulation tests online.  when do you think i should start checking to see if i'm ovulating?
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I had my IUD in for 4 yrs and just had it removed in May.  I got pregnant the very next month in June.  I know that everyone's body reacts differently but my ovulation was definitely not thrown off.  However, I still got my period like clockwork each month with the IUD.
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I had my IUD for a year. I just got it out on July 24th of this year because it was causing some very menacing symptoms.
I had a period pretty much right after I had it removed and the next month I didn't have one. Then I had one in September and in October I didn't have one but I am now 8 weeks pregnant.
My periods have always been regular - if not, I had too many a month. So, I think the IUD did throw mine off a little.
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I've had the merina in for 9years I have a 12yr old son already and want another child, I had my coil out on the 30th december and tonight a white grape sized thing came out of my vagina with a touch of blood in it!
? I'm worried!
Vikki :(
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