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glucose test?

My doctor told me to eat regularly but my mom says I need to fast. What do I do?  Ahh. I don't have my test for another 2 weeks
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My dr told me I didn't have to fast for mine, just not to eat a whole bunch of sweets before hand. Some drs want you to fast so whatever you ate doesn't affect the test at all. If your dr said not to worry about fasting, then I wouldn't worry about it.
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I have my glucose test in mid January and my doc said I had to fast.  Most of the time you need to..I  wouldn't eat just to get accurate results. If your doc said you can eat,  then I'm sure it'll be ok to have crackers or something.
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Call your doctor and ask just to be sure. Good luck.
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I just had mine monday my dr didnt have me fast. If your dr said dont fast then dont.
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They told me not to eat past midnight and to only drink water after 12.
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With my daughter I was eating while I was in the room while waiting to get that drink. With this pregnancy I had to fast. It depends on the test and the doctor. With my daughter I just did a one hour test and with this pregnancy I did a two hour test.
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I wouldnt eat just in case. I did with mine bc they said i didnt have to and my test was ok. I just found out though that i am g.d. But bc i had eaten my test results werent very accurate, so now im 33 almost 34wks and my blood sugar is off the wall crazy bc they caught it later and i cant see a diabetic couselor until im 37 wks (which just scares me) i would fast just in case the food messes up your results, but thats just bc of what im going through.
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Sorry *said i didnt have to fast
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It really depends on how your pregnancy is going.  For example,  I didn't have to fast because I have a very low - risk pregnancy.  HoweverI ate lunch, then went in for the hour test. During the hour of waiting,  I was only able to get up to use the restroom or get water from the water fountain due to possible side effects of the drink. No snacks at all, hense, why I suggest eating before and after the test. I know you have to fast for the 3 hour test though.  The glucose drink affects everyone differently,  so don't let someone else's experience scare you. I felt sleepy and out of it cause of the drink, but that is normal.  
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I could eat but my doctor said no sweets but if I had to do the 3 hour test then she said I had to fast but my results came back good just ask ur doctor
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