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glucose test tips

Any tips on how to pass it? I get to have mine tomorrow and am super nervous about it.
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I'm going to be taking mine this week too..  From what I was told deff do not vomit up or they will make you come back again.  Lol God forbid if there's anyone who actually likes that nasty drink! Good luck.  
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It's not all that bad really. The drink tastes like a more sugary version of hawaiin punch and they give you time to drink it if you really think it's that bad. And the drawing blood part isn't anything as long as you get a good meal in before hand
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The orange one they gave me was as sweet as Sprite. I drank it in like a minute and a half and my midwife said my results came back amazing.
After they take your blood make sure you have something to eat. I know I felt pretty dizzy since you shouldn't really eat anything before the whole thing.
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No way to make your self pass it and you shouldn't wanna try to sway results because if you were to somehow sway the results you could end up with complications for baby or you. Just do what they said fast for 12 hours and go in and hope for the best
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Considering their taking that much blood your suppose to eat before your appointment to avoid passing out or feeling dizzy? My midwife told me to make sure I ate so I don't understand why you disagree with that ?
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Eat something very high in protein an hour before you drink the glucose. Don't eat anything that has natural sugar or artificial sugar at all.
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Not all doctors do glucose tests the same. Ive had some tell me to eat something low in sugar before the test, and some tell me not to eat anything(fasting) before the test.
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So its best just to follow your own doctors instructions, and you should be fine. Whatever the outcome may be, just know that your doing the best you can to make sure your baby is healthy.
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I had the orange one, n from i was never worried I knew I'll be diabeties free. But I chugged mine down because I am picky so I closed my nose and drank it in two minutes when I was done I didn't let go of my nose right away so I won't vomit because of the taste. I had a burning feeling by my throat and your not supposed to eat or drink anything if u want some water u can only drinki the water hour and half before u drink the glucose.
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Mine had me fast for 12 hours and only take 2 little viles of blood. But regardless you shouldn't try to sway your results to pass or whatever because if u somehow make urself pass but you would actually fail if u didn't sway it you could cause issues for yourself and baby. And I was just saying fast and stuff because I've never heard of them telling you to eat because food in general cause your sugar to go up that's why they do it right in the morning with my doctor. They say don't eat after midnight and I went in at 8:30 drank that drink and sat for 1 hour they took my blood and I left I wasn't disagreeing with you on what a doctor said or didn't say I'm disagreeing with you for trying to sway your results
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I had the punch one and it tasted like hawiian punch just sweeter not bad at all and I had 5 mins to drink it all. And my doctor only takes 2-3 little tubes of blood which isn't much at all so the passing out because of the amount doesn't really happen here it's more of how the person handles no food after midnight then doing the test first thing in the morning like I said I was told not to eat after midnight and I went in for my test at 8-830 so I got to eat by 10 so it didn't really bother me at all
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