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had emergency c section on monday night

All weekend I kept going to the er in extreeme pain. I was having contractions so they kept telling me your fine only 1cm. After my 6th vissit screaming hey found my appendix had burst And had to get emergency c section to have it and baby removed. She weighed 4lb 8oz and is in the nicu.  I got released yesterday. I haven't even gotten to hold her
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Oh hun I'm so sorry!  But I'm glad they finally found it before it was even worse.  I hope that you get to hold your precious lil bundle soon!  How is she doing?  How are YOU feeling?
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I am so sorry to hear that your appendix burst and that you haven't been able to hold your little one yet! But keep us updated on how the little one is doing. She seems to have a good weight, so I bet she is strong enough to hang in there and be tough for you! :)
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Ohmygosh, what a disaster!  I'm so glad you are okay! How's the baby?  Hope you get to hold her soon!! Take care!
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I'm so sorry this happened to you! I'm glad you are alright though; it could have turned out much worse. I hope your little angel is doing well and you get to hold her soon!
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She's on cpap machine to help her breath.. I'm still in hurting quite a bit and sore. I feel like my baby was stolen. I've barely gotten to see her. Still haven't held her.  I've been crying alot
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Thank u all
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oh how scary...I'm glad you're doing well and I hope you get to hold your little bundle soon - what's her name?
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Her name is Cadynse.
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that's a beautiful name! I bet she's a whole lot stronger than she looks...babies are so tough! have they given you a rough time-frame of when you can expect to be able to hold her?
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Im so glad you and your baby are ok. I was wondering why you hadnt been posting. Im sure she will be fine. Your strong, just take it one day at a time. And she has a beautiful name. And if Im right you and Beccabb had your little one's the same day! Congrats.
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I'm so sorry things happened the way they did, and especially that you haven't even gotten to hold her yet. Do you have any idea when you might be able to? Congrats on your little ones birth!!
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Oh my goodness!  How scary...I'm so sorry you had to go through that...I hope you and Cadynse are doing better.  Keep us posted, we'll be thinking of you!  
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It's totally understandable to feel upset and depressed given what you have just gone through/are going through. First, take time to heal YOU, don't over due yourself.  Cadynse needs you to be strong when she is ready to come home.  Second, when you feel up to it, spend as much time at the hospital by her side as you can.  Good luck, we are all here for you for whatever you need :)
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That is so sad! I sure hope you feel better very soon and get to hold that precious baby.
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I just got to hold her! It felt great. Is normal that I don't realy feel like a new mom yet?:
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Oh wow! How scary! Glad to hear you finally got to hold her though! I love her name. :)
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I'm so glad you got to hold her!!!! And yes it's totally normal, lol. I didn't feel like a new mom for about a week, and my first wasn't even in the NICU at all....it just takes awhile sometimes, but you'll get the feeling and then you'll get scared but that's OK too. I hope she's well on her way to coming home with momma!
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im so glad you got to hold your baby i didnt feel like a mam for weeks after my c section when my baby was in special care but when i called her name 1 day and she new my voice and opened her eyes to look at me omg my heart melted and i just fell totaly in love with her there is honestly no feeling like it you just wait and see hun all the best to you and your family xx
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AW that's great! and yup totally normal, I didnt feel like a "mom" with my first until he was 2 days old and he was crying. I was on the couch trying to take a nap and realized it was all me now when no one came to pick him up!
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I'm so happy that you finally got to hold her! I'm sure that was the most wonderful feeling in the world! Don't worry yourself about not feeling like a new mommy just yet; especially given the circumstances.
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it's totally normal to feel that way.  Especially considering what you've been through!!
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Oh my gosh!  You poor thing!!  I'm so sorry but glad you finally got to hold her!  Take care of yourself and yes, sometimes being a new mom just takes some time to sink in....Keep us posted when you feel up to it.
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Oh that's so tough! You poor thing. A girlfriend went through the same thing. Thank goodness they finally took notice of your pain. Your little one is now in the best place to get strong. You will feel a lot better as each week passes and soon you'll have your baby at home with you and keeping you up at night! ;) it's a really hard time so be gentle in yourself. Dont forget to ask for help - family, friends and medical staff.
Good luck
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Our little angels born on same day :) I've been thinking bout you how are you both doing?
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